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"oh crap, another one!?" ...unfortunately, yes. Due to several circumstances, I need to take a break, and I hope you will understand why.

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Hello everyone.

Due to several recent events in both my personal life and online (all unrelated to each other); it has come to my attention that I personally need to change focus.

When I started this mod; it was during a time in my life where I felt extremely "stuck". Having recently put a game development project on indefinite hold and given nearly full ownership of most of my other projects over to a friend; I started this mod as what I originally wanted to be nothing more than a map-pack exploring the hidden history of the thermal discouragement beam- at the time, it seemed like a good way to de-stress from game development troubles and just do something creative that I loved.

As this project has rapidly grown; it has become increasingly more of a joy to work on. With a team of five playtesters and even two voice-actors, this mod showed no signs of slowing down for the most part- until recently; when a lot of stuff started to happen both personally and otherwise, which has caused me to question why I am even continuing.

I am not in any fit mental or emotional state to do my best work on this mod any longer for the time being-

So I have made the difficult choice to put this mod on hold until further notice.

I am suffering from three different mental illnesses. You don't need to know the details, but these illnesses have caused a lot of problems recently.

I have decided to put this mod on hold for the time being so I can take care of myself and focus on getting the help that I need.

I hope everyone is understanding, and I look forward to resuming full-speed-ahead at some point in the future.

The mod isn't dead, nor is it on "indefinite hiatus" (because to be frank, that kind of means the same thing these days). I am simply taking a break.


Hope everything gets sorted out. From experience, I know how stressful and tiresome working on a project is so I don't blame you for taking a break.

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