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Total Annihilation: Escalation 8.1.1 has been released, plenty of changes all around.

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Escalation Beta 8.1.1

Total Annihilation: Escalation 8.1.1 has been released. With it come numerous changes since the 6.8 release that was listed here on moddb. Here are the most major:

New player colors

'White' has been replaced by 'Pink', 'Dark Blue' has been replaced by 'Gold', 'Yellow' has been replaced by 'Orange','Black' has been replaced by 'Teal', 'Tan' has been replaced by a darker shade that is known as 'Maple', and finally 'Green' has been lightened up somewhat so it is more easily identified when near 'Teal' units. Minimap radar icons have also been changed for improved visibility.


New Construction Mobile hotkeys

Mobile constructors may now place certain structures via hotkeys, no longer do you have to rely on clicking the build icon to place them. Please, consult page 4 inside the help function ingame to see the hotkeys.

Enhanced Energy and Metal economy

TIer 1 and Tier 2 Metal Makers are now 25% more effective. Tier 3 Fusion Reactor energy output has been changed to 5,000 energy for both sides.

Improved Mines

The Mobile Minelayers for both sides can now lay underwater Mines. Mines can also now be laid much faster due to instant buildtimes, however metal, and energy costs are unchanged so be prepared to have the resources necessary for laying them.

Improved Hovercraft

Hovercraft, on Tier 1 and 2 are in general cheaper, and faster to produce. T2 Hovercraft have had their firepower and/or armor improved. The Tier 3 Hovercraft have been improved with higher dps, and their weapons are now groundfire-based.

Improved Crawling Bombs

They have been improved so that they now pose a greater threat to Light Laser Towers, and to other ground units while on the ground. However, the Tier 3 Arm Vermin has had its armor reduced.

Tier 1 ground unit adjustments

Warriors now have more range, Stumpies, and Raiders are larger in appearance.

Units that are new since 6.8

Arm Bulwark - A Tier 1 pop-up Missile Tower

Arm Gremlin - A Tier 1 Gauss Tank

Arm Cerberus - A Tier 3 Assault Tank

Arm Sfoil - A Tier 3 Air Superiority Fighter

Arm Citadel - A Tier 2 Shield Generator

Arm/Core Deputy Commander - A Tier 3 version of the Commander

Arm/Core Hover Radar Jammer - A Tier 2 Jamming Hovercraft

Core Impulse - A Tier 2 Charge Field Emitter structure

Core MAK - A Medium Laser Kbot

Core Vault - A Tier 3 Combined Resource Storage

Core Defiler - T3 Radiation Spiderbot

Both sides also now have a Tier 3 air factory that is dedicated to building their Tier 3 air options. And there are many more changes for you to find, Commander. Now go, and Escalate your experience!


Black and White are literally my colours. :p Everything else here is amazing, but I'd rather have my colours back.

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are colors that hardcoded? isn't it possible to add more?

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MirāNoHebi Author

Number of colors is hardcoded, adding more slots would not be worth the effort it would take to do that.

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Activate Hello Kitty Death Protocol.

No, I don't wanna do it!

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You are going to have issues with colorblind people..

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please fix but with airpads, once they upgrade and have that repair object, the pad can die but the upgrade cannot. so you see this little arm thing sticking out of nowhere and it counts as a unit. impossible to kill and impossible to win a game now.

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