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Many people forgot always the ground part from EAW but from my point of view, it is the best part, many other games where you can conquer a galaxy do not give you so many hours of play because they do not add ground combat. In the FOC Alliance, this part is increased to the ten level with thousands of additional units, buildings, maps and more.

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By this reason, improve a ground map is always good. The Taanab land was a new map made by myself thinking in the agricultural terrain from some parts of Asia. It was a good idea but it has a problem, the deploying zones, they can not be added in places where there are steep or impassable zones because some units can be spawned in that places.

By this reason, I am workin in a solution. Instead from deploy units in places from the hills, there will be two zones in the top left and top right. Increasing a bit the size from the map, it can be made easily and I am sure how everybody will like it because before it was a pain in the ass:-D

Looking this, I have edited the ground map and it is my second version. It continues being imperfect but just it needs some adjusments. Probably even with them, there will be situations where spawning large groups, we see problems. I can not avoid it because I can not tell the units where deploy.

Finally I found the problem with the Rebellion teams, these teams with several different units. Now they deploy perfect all the units. About the map, it is very fun with a lot of tactical conditions. Very fun.

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