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Your update supply drop is here Commander to augment your depleted forces and beleaguered armies with a cache of yet more new units and added resources! Complete your escalation experience with all new production, transport, and mobility options with a few added combat ready units thrown in for good measure.

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NOTE: You must have licensed/working copy of Total Annihilation to play TA: Escalation


- ARM Nano Repair Arm Upgrade - T1

- CORE Nano Repair Arm Upgrade - T1

- ARM Floating Radar Tower - T1

- CORE Floating Radar Tower - T1

- ARM Sub Pen - Builds T2 underwater units

- CORE Sub Pen - Builds T2 underwater units

- ARM 'Paladin' - T2 Annihilator Hovertank

- CORE 'Berserker' - T2 Doomsday Machine Hovertank

- ARM Exp. Sub Pen - Builds T3 underwater units

- CORE Exp. Sub Pen - Builds T3 underwater units

- ARM 'Catalyst' - T3 Fusion Tanker

- CORE 'Aquifer' - T3 Fusion Tanker

- ARM 'Anvil' - T3 Metal Making Tanker

- CORE 'Replinisher' - T3 Metal Making Tanker

- ARM 'Monsoon' - T3 AA Hover Cruiser

- CORE 'Flail' - T3 AA Hover Cruiser

- ARM 'Hercules' - T3 Heavy VTOL Transport

- CORE 'Dargonfly' - T3 Heavy VTOL Transport

- ARM 'Citadel' - T3 Mobile Shield Generator

- CORE 'Haven' - T3 Mobile Shield Generator

- ARM 'Nomad' - T3 Mobile Factory Extender (teleporter)

- CORE 'Horizon' - T3 Mobile Teleporter Gate

- ARM 'Ark' - T3 Amphibious Transport Sub/Tank


- ARM 'Manta' - reworking for future use

- CORE 'Eel' - reworking for future use


- Restored OTA style ground fire (GF) missiles to all traditional mobile and static AA units (all GF damage 1/16th AA and 60-66% range)

- Restored effectiveness of T2 Metal Makers to 12, increased Buildtime +50%

- Replaced black color with brown/maple to address difficulties seeing units in game on mini/mega map

Set all Arm and Core non-hover T3 lab costs to 15x Energy, 4x Metal, 2.5x Health, 8x Buildtime vs. respective T2 variants, Increased workertimes 2.67x (360->960)

- Set all Arm and Core hover T3 lab costs to 12x Energy, 3x Metal, 2x Health, 6x Buildtime vs. respective T2 variants, increased LOS (224->352) and workertimes 2.67x (360->960)

- After specific adjustments/exceptions (see below) increased all Arm and Core T3 unit buildtimes by 2.67x matching increased lab workertimes

- Lowered all Arm and Core T2 workertime/assist values (-50%)

- Add visual indicator symbols to all units when shielded, charged, or when requiring additional changers

- Increased T1/T2 Arm and Core Gunship weapon projectile speeds (+25%)

- Improved all Arm and Core hovercraft maximum slope access

- Relocated Arm and Core Jammers, Geothermal, and Repair Pad/Carrier units menu locations for improved consistency

- Slow aiming defenses now orient their turrets toward location of nearest enemy Commander when built

- Galactic Gates no longer teleport 'boss' or very large units - use T3 transports


- Fixed Arm and Core Advanced Seaplane HOTKEY menus

- Fixed incorrect spelling on Arm Tornado description

- Fixed potential locking / dual fire bug with Arm Marauder and Core Widow

- Added missing CTRL+O for Core Skynet

- Fixed Arm Tempest firing weapons bug while landed and rare occurring crash bug

- Fixed Core Bastion texturing to match low trajectory weapon fire

- Fixed tertiary lasers jamming on Core Hegamon, improved ROF (0.4->0.25)

- Fixed (increased) incorrect Arm Tempest overall cost (+50%)

- Fixed (decreased) incorrect Core Skynet health allocation (reduced -50%)

- Fixed Arm Orion / Core Viper upgrade descriptions to reflect 3x weapon ROF

- Corrected Arm and Core Tactical Nuke weapon damages

- Fixed Arm T3 lab wreck shading bugs

- Fixed all Arm and Core MUAT loading circle orientation when flying

- Fixed Arm and Core T3 Mobile Flakker crash bug

- Fixed weapon jamming issues with multiple units

- Fixed/Corrected missing build menu icons for multiple Arm and Core units

- Fixed Arm and Core Advanced Scout Vehicles not teleporting

- Fixed missing Arm Warden restore weapon function and no corpse on self destruct



- Added 'Warp' flash when Arm and Core Commander first shown on screen

- Added 30 second d-gun delay when game first started on Arm and Core Commanders


- Increased Arm Jeffy and Core Weasel health (+20% / 5 Hits from MTs) and LOS (512->576)

- Adjusted Arm Stumpy and Core Health (-7%), Energy (+33%), Metal (+5%), and Buildtime (+10%)

- Reduced Arm Samson and Core Slasher health (-25%)

- Removed Arm Freedom Fighter and Core Avenger gunship weapons, replaced with ground fire missile

- Added light gunship EMG/Lasers respectively to Arm Zephyr and Core Cormorant, depthcharge moved to teritary weapon status, Added +25% health

- Lowered Arm and Core Light Laser Tower weapon range (480->450), increased weapon DPS (+11%)

- Increased Arm and Core Heavy Laser tower weapon DPS (+11%)

- Increased Arm and Core Floating Light/Heavy Laser DPS (+4%)

- Increased Light Mine / Crawling Bomb weapon AOE (224->300)

- Reduced Arm and Core mobile radar energy cost to operate (-50%), increased unit speeds (+12.5%)

- Added slight guidance to Arm Rocko/Core Storm weapon guidance

- Added +33% more health to T1 bombers to offset AA changes

- Removed radar function from Arm and Core T1 sonar stations, added floating radar variants (see above)

- Moved Arm and Core Floating Sonar/Radar jamming stations to T2 and adjusted stats accordingly

- Improved health of all Arm and Core Transport Ships and Hovers (+25-33%)


- Increased Core Sumo weapon ROF (+25%), Energy to fire (360->480)

- Increased Arm Recon health (+25%) and Core Blaze health (+20%), reduced LOS (896->768)

- Reduced Arm Bertha/Vulcan Upgrade and Core Intimidator/Buzzsaw Upgrade Eenrgy and Metal costs (-6.6%)

- Lowered guidance on Arm Shooter weapon (-75%) to prevent excessive plane aiming, Increased weapon Energy to fire (225->300)

- Increased Core Can health (7500->7700)

- Increased Core Manticore health (+13%)

- Increased Core Morty weapon damage (+20%), lowered Buildtime (-25%)

- Improved Arm Panther overall health (+3.3%)

- Reduced radar coverage (-50%) on Arm and Core T2 Sonar Stations

- Moved Arm Renegade and Core Nemesis back to T3, adjusted stats accordingly

- Moved Arm Riptide and Core Slipstream back to T3, adjusted stats accordingly

- Reduced Arm Pennetrator health (-5%)


- Reduced Arm Maruader and Core Widow unit health (-25%), speed (-10%)

- Increased Arm Cerberus Health (+8%)

- Modified Arm Vault to function similar to Core Vault with same values

- Increased Arm Champion health (+33%)

- Increased Core Autocrat health (+25%)

- Increased Core Arbitrator weapon Energy requirement (2x) and reload time (30->36 seconds)

- Increased Core Overlord weapon DPS (+12.5%)

- Reduced Arm Aurora Energy amd Metal costs (-10%), increased bomb weapon damage (1440->2160), increased speed (9->10.5), and fixed infinite bomb dropping. NOTE: prior to overall T3 change

- Reduced Core Decimator unit speed (6.4->6)

- Modified Arm Deluge and Core Hammerhead nuclear torpedo to manually fired vlaunch warhead missiles - adjusted damages and cost to fire accordingly

- Adjusted Arm Warden health (+50%)

- Adjusted Core Bastion weapon animation, AOE (+50%), and DPS (+12.5%)

- Improved Arm Expedition and Core Halcyon turnrate (+80%) and overall health (+25%)

- Restore Tri-Burst, Salvo fire for Core Dictator, increased reload time (32->60), reduced shot damage (19.2k->14.4k)

- Improved Armageddon rate of fire (30->25), reduced shot damage (18k->12.8k)

- Lowered Arm and Core Shield healtime to 9.1 values, improved overall health (+15%)


This is exciting. I will give this a shot as soon as I get the chance. You guys are legendary rockstars.

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