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System Shock meets Portal meets Douglas Adams? Unique sci-fi immersive sim Ctrl Alt Ego launches July 22.

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Ctrl Alt Ego launches July 22 on Steam!

(Windows only. English only at launch)

Transmit your disembodied consciousness between robots and devices and exploit their capabilities in first-person sci-fi action/puzzle immersive sim Ctrl Alt Ego. Tool-up and break bad bots into broken bits, or sneak a bug into the system as if you were never there.


Ctrl Alt Ego takes the classic immersive sim design philosophy to places it hasn't yet been, combining innovative core game mechanics with the classic staples of 'play your way', shooter and melee, stealth/pacifist/aggro options, alternative paths, shortcuts and skips - resulting in a tantalisingly layered, nonlinear gaming experience through an interconnected world.

Launch Trailer


There's a substantial (3 or 4 hour) demo available on Steam:

Demo on Steam


The demo has been updated regularly since it debuted during the Steam Feb Next Fest - where it received praise from none other than Mr John Walker (one of the founders of RPS) - you can read what he said here:

Ctrl Alt Ego - Incredible Demo

More Praise!

Players have been likening the experience to System Shock, Deus Ex, Portal - you can see what they've been saying here:

Player Feedback

Launch Discount!

Look out for a 40% launch discount - to thank early supporters. Best way not to miss that is to wishlist the game on Steam - which also helps me gain a modicum of visibility.

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