SWOOOORDS! 1.2 is forthcoming. Expect it..... soon?

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SWOOOORDS! 1.2 is forthcoming. Expect it..... soon?


  • Linux build, thanks to Unity 4.0
  • Localized versions: French, German, Russian
  • Fonts are now a bit easier to read
  • Life meters are now directly under players
  • Switched to a perspective camera
  • Falling off a ledge will no longer kill you, it will damage you then teleport you back to the last safe location.
  • Depths 5 and beyond now have "elite" versions of all enemies
  • Depths 5 and beyond have a few new super-rare swords. They are a bit harder to learn to use properly.
  • Fixed: Enemies would not be hurt by traps if they were standing still directly on them
  • Fixed: Level-specific music wasn't being played
  • Fixed: Barrels, chests, and debris were being spawned midair: it was a bit hard to notice

ALSO: If you are on Twitter, please retweet this tweet to help me win a OUYA devkit so I can put SWOOOORDS on it!


Yes! I guess Swooooords is back from the morgue (your last post)!!!
Awesome! I've been playing it and I'm having a LOT of fun!
Thanks for the Linux interest too... I will definitely be installing it in my Mint box

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