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Swat Elite Force: First Responders v0.65 Stable RELEASE 2nd July 21:00 GMT+2 !!!!!

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Swat Elite Force: First Responders v0.65 Stable

RELEASE 2nd July 21:00 GMT+2 !!!!!

Make sure to sure to join "SEF: First Responders" server on Discord for feedbacks, bug reports and coop game making!


just copy folder in main Swat4 folder.

In SEF_FR/Extra folder there is the EXE to launch mod.


#### V0.65 FEATURES ####

- Manual Low Ready system
- removed penalty for suspects escaped- Added "Pull Door" command to let player pull the door (thx Scape/S4 for the script)
- Separated Flashlight and NVG keybinds
- AI Officers now can use NVG instead of flashlights
- New keybinds to control NVG light
- Enemy suspects can now remove wedges (50% chance) and barricade just after.
- Enemies can use flashlights (chance depending on enemy skill)- Enemy pickup weapon restored (thank you EFdee)
- Check Lock can possibly return the presence of a trap... but can be a false statement! Also AI officers now report possible traps when checking the lock but... they can be wrong!
- SP/COOP Career overhaul: unlock system redone for a better career experience.

- Optiwand now cant mirror under the door

- MP5A4 Holo ADS point fixed
- Adjusted some weights here and there

Manual Low Ready System:

-Mouse wheel up/down move stance from Low Ready/Ready/Aim (alternatively there is a Toggle Low Readu button)
- player speed is 1/3 more when low ready , so you can run faster now
- when near object player automatically low ready , so watch your muzzle
- it can be disabled so you can play SWAT4 like you've been doing in the last 15 years (BORING!!!!!)

Pull Door
- default key is X , it pulls the door instead of pushing it.

- NVG and Flashlight has now 2 different keybinds
- O key and P key now can adjust light for NVG (it sucks but nothing much that i can do)

Enemies can remove wedges

- no it's not a bug
- no i wont remove it
- only High Skill enemies with 50% chance , if they are investigating a door with wedge they can remove it, open door and barricade just after.

- Optiwand cant mirror under door anymore
-no it's not a bug
-no i wont revert back

Enemies can use flashlights now!
- Check your fire!

SP/COOP Career reworked
- unlocked weapons are now talking with the weapons in the mission GUI.
unfortunately i couldnt unlock all weapons , i've chosen a list of the more interesting from the lot.
I hope SP and COOP Career enjoyers would like that!

Have fun and report bugs in #bugs-report channel on Discord server as always.

You can also check the github repository and report issues there:


Time to reinstall SWAT 4 for like the millionth time!! Looks awesome.

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Awesome job, SWAT 4 is still strong

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