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I have been working on the third level since the beta came out. It is ready for internal play testing. It adds two floor turrets to the store. Plus armor for all spawns.

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Thank you for the comments. I am glad people are enjoying the first beta.
The new floor turrets are the AR2 guns on the tripod stand that can't be destroyed. They have been a lot of fun to use. They are currently very expensive, 96 and 192. They still seem to be worth the money and are great to buy as early as possible.
The armor is currently just a brush that gives cover for the top unit in all the spawns. This requires you to be more accurate in your shots and hit a smaller area. These also help your own spawns stay alive under heavy enemy attacks.
I hope that someone out there can run a faster time than me on the first couple levels. You can always check your previous times by looking in your .../sourcemods/swarm/screenshots/ folder. I would love to see some fast times linked to in the comments.


Yay! This mod is really cool, but new weapons could make it better :D

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Excellent mod! So fun to play it over and over again.
Waiting for the new levels...
My score on the second level is 569!
Keep it up the good work!

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Oh, I forgot:
After steam forced me to update HL2 files, swarm crashes before the main menu shows with the message box: "SetupArrayPros_R: Array prop '(null)' is at index zero."
I'm sure it's connected to the HL2 update.
I have tried to extract swarm files again, but it didnt help.
Any idea?

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Alex_Smith Author

I was having the same problem. Updating the SteamAppId from 420 to 218 then restarting steam seems to allow it to run. That is a fast time.

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Hi Alex,
Yes, that solves it - thanks!
If you'd like help beta testing the new level, let me know.

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