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As we approach our launch on February 12th, we started sending our press kit and updates to various contacts. Here is a brief checklist view of the first three days.

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Day 1

  1. Media contact list ready: 376 websites, 193 youtubers
  2. Curator selection (63) on Steam ready
  3. Game build tested and uploaded to Steam. Sent the build for review.
  4. Press Kit ready: Screenshots, Trailer, Launch Press Release, Gifs, Character pngs, Title logo, Capsule image
  5. Website ready: Links updated, Press section updated, Contact info provided
  6. Steam description updated
  7. Mailchimp template design and content with individual keys for each contact ready
  8. Monitored the email campaign statistics

Day 2

  1. Checked the analytics every hour: Steam page, Steam community, Unity in game
  2. Received a few emails from press, about their tweets and support
  3. Tweeted about the game from the official account every 2 hours including madewithUnity
  4. Prepared a blog post about our development process


Day 3

  1. Monitored email statistics
  2. Getting ready for the reminder campaign for the contacts who didn't open the email
  3. Preparing a secondary list for further key distribution
  4. Tweeting about the game with relevant hashtags

Swaps and Traps will be available on February 12th on Steam:

Swaps and Traps is here to give you a platformer experience with triggered screens with a unique labyrinth feeling.

Mike is a decent man. An ordinary one, you might say. But he is no pushover when it comes to capturing the enchanted hat from his nemesis, Divider. You see, Divider’s hat changes everything, including the position and direction of the screen. Mike’s only hope is to collect the cursed keys, and catch Divider through different locations and traps.

Let's Jungle

Swaps and Traps is a fun little game, which will challenge your platformer skills as well as your eyes and necks. As you collect a key in a scene, you also trigger the main trap of the game. Portions of your screen will swap, turn and even flip horizontally and vertically to give you one unique adventure.

Night Watch

Swaps and Traps has a retro vibe, with simple gameplay against high level difficulty.

  • 3 Worlds: Let’s Jungle, Night Watch and Divider’s Den
  • 100+ levels
  • Insane bonus levels
  • Playful music
  • Entertaining sound
  • 100+ achievements
  • Trading cards
  • An adventure to remember

Divider's Den

Running Mike

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