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Every action stage in Swage Matrix will have its own boss fight.

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Every action stage in Swage Matrix will have its own boss fight. Be ready, as the bosses will not be just stronger variants of regular enemies with unique looks. They will be smarter, and capable of using combos like slowing you down and launching a devastating attack moment later. Reach a boss being as tough as possible, then shoot, dodge, and time your ability wisely, so you will not have to start the stage over from the very beginning.

Obviously, a defeated boss will drop something very valuable, something you would never get from regular enemies, purchase, or craft. In addition to large amount of in-game currency (which is called Swagebits by the way) it can be a new ability for your drone, or a part of some rare upgrade, who knows. Anyhow, drop and upgrade systems are the matter of their own articles I'm going to post in the future. And for those of you who might start worrying about the currency - no, the game will never have in-game purchases and the Swagebits will be only obtained from defeated enemies :)

Sergey Kalmanovich (aka Red Spot Sylphina).

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