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Announcing new game project I'm creating with Unreal Engine 4.

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Swage Matrix is a strange but interesting interpretation of hacking into an enemy databases. You'll take control over a drone in goal to pass through database defenses which include other drones, shifting environments, puzzles, and bosses, gaining resources to upgrade your drone and pushing the story forward in the process. The game will have action, stealth, and puzzle stages with their own unique gameplay, while the story will be told on background as you advance through different missions.

The game will be very hardcore, and you will not be able to save during the missions or even before the boss fights. However, all loot (except the temporary attack and defense buffs) you've gained on a mission will remain yours even if you'll fail, and any mission can be completed unlimited number of times. Upgrading your drone will not make it much stronger, but will rather shift the way you utilize it in desired direction - like becoming faster in cost of defense, or remain tougher but slower, e.t.c.

Currently this project is on early stage of development, but as you've learned from the video above, I already have something to show from the first action stage mission. More info will become available as the development process goes further. Stay tuned :)

Sergey Kalmanovich (aka Red Spot Sylphina).

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