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You got stinky when I got rid of Vader so hes back. But the other SSD (non-hero) ship has been removed. And to decide on the 12th ship for the SW faction I decided to hold a general vote. Thats right you all get to choose who is the new ship for the SW faction. There is 10 candidates, all have there own tier that i will add them as, adjusting the other ships up accordingly. Remember i only need 1.

Heres what they're called (in the map editor, it probably isn't there name but use the image in the gallery to work out what what and place your vote here or there)

1 - Munificent Frigate - Separatist Confederacy ship
2 - Invisible Hand - Not sure if this is a hero unit or not, but it is the Separatist Confederacies capital ship, seen in the third movie over coruscant
3 - Unknown - In the map editor its called an acclimator, but i know thats not right
4 - Jedi Star Destroyer - Capital ship for the Republic, its like a super uber version of the Venator
5 - Hardcell - I think this things a transport but I'm not sure
6 - Diamond Cruiser - Another ship i have no idea about
7 - Carrack Cruiser - Again i got nothing
8 - Recusant Frigate - Separatist Confederacy ship, thats all I've got
9 - Lancer Frigate - no idea
10 - Federation Battleship - Seen in Movie 1 -> 3 it is a very large orbital station.

Personally I'm leaning towards 2, 4, 8 or 10. But what ever gets the most votes gets in. I'm going to be working on BSG, SG and STs abilities and hero balancing for the next week or two, so once I'm finished with those ill add in the most voted ship.

Thanks again to the Return of the Clones ( ) mod for there ships.

I also want to talk about hero abilities. Since im working on them as well i figured id kill two birds with one stone. Basically im going through and giving differnet ships different abilities specifically for them. Example i have a variance on the bribe ability allowing control to be taken of other ships.
SG - Replicators - Infest
SW - Constorium - Bribe
ST - Borg Cube - Assimilate
B5 - Thirdspace Warship - Telepathy
BSG - Cylon Basestar - Hack
SST - Bug Comamnd Ship (hero) - Infultrate

Another custom ability is one im working on now for the Aurora class hero, its a variance of full salvo where it fires a shit storm of drones for 10 seconds but it looses its shields in the process. ST also has a custom ability for all its ships called "Emergency Warp" it boosts your speed allowing you to escape to another section of the map, but in doing so it removes your sheilds, preventing you from using it as an offensive ability. THese are just two examples of custom abilities im working on. Once i finish the work on the heroes and abilites ill start work on B5.

Anyway heres a list of hero ships and there abilites i plan on giving them.
For Stargate
SG1 Alkesh - Cloak + sheild
Mitchel X305 - lucky shot + turbo
Prometheus - Barrage (blue shield piercing shells) + turbo
Apohpis - Power To Weapons + Shield
Anubis - Power to Weapons (1.5 times the power of Apophis's) + Shield
Daedalus - Beam Nuke + Boost Speed
Thor - Sheilds + Power to weapons (1.5 times Anubis's)

Starbuck - turbo + Cloak
Scar - turbo - lucky shot + turbo
Apollo Firestar - turbo + power to weapons
Valkyrie - Barrage missiles
Galactica - Barrage back shot
Pegasus - Barrage bow shot
Ones Basestar - Barrage nukes

For ST
BOP - Cloak + Warp
Spock fighter - Warp + Lucky shot
NX01 - Warp + Power to Shields
Kirk Ent - Warp + Power to Weapons
Voyger - Warp + Power to Weapons
Defiant - Warp + Cloak
Pic Ent - Warp + Power to Shields

For SW
Milenium Falcon - Invincible
Luke - Lucky shot + spoiler lock
Sundered Heard - turbo + OTHER
Yoda (in jedi acclimator) - Power to weapons + Power to Sheilds
Home One - Power to shield + other
Accuser - Power to Weapons + Other
Vader - Power to Weapons + other

Assassin Bug - Cloak + turbo
Zander Barcalow - Lucky Shot + turbo
Valley Forge - Power to Weapons + Turbo
Rodger Young - Power to Weapons + Turbo
Command Bug - Heal + Power to Weapons
Ryuho - Power to Weapons + Turbo
Shiloh - Power to Weapons + Turbo

All the listed hero abilities are open to change except the Stargate ones (because ive coded them in already). Anything with an "other" is an open slot for suggestions



Munificent Frigate - moderated armed vessel 3
2 - Invisible Hand - its the name of a Providence-class, a powerful vessel but outdated 5
3 i forgot its name - its a well shielded of medium armament used for missions not so important to use SD 5
4 - Jedi Star Destroyer - i forgot its TRUE name but it was done to counter the bigger separatists vessels in the end of the clone war 6
5 - Hardcell - its a armed transport used by the separatists 2
6 - Diamond Cruiser - missile launcher ship in the clone wars that simple 3
7 - Carrack Cruiser - imperial anti fighter ship 3
8 - Recusant Frigate - used as support to the providence destroyer 4
9 - Lancer Frigate - another anti fighter ship 3
10 - Federation Battleship - its a commander ship of light armament, strong shields, VERY LARGE hangar. (carrier position maybe)
none can fit the 12 tier but in front of it i put the tier they can be put

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10 is the Lucrehulk. They're 3km in diameter and packed with ridiculous amounts of firepower, shielding, and Vulture Droid Fighters. It is not a station, it is a warship.

3 is the Loronar Strike Cruiser, which while only 450m long carried enough firepower to defeat Rebel cruisers and had high speed as well, but had a modular construction that meant it was fairly fragile when the shields collapsed.

Luciano provided the names for the rest, so you can check them out on Wookiepedia.

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Admiral-Ash Online

1 Munificent-class Star Frigate

2 Providence-class Carrier/Destroyer

3 Strike-class medium cruiser

4 Valiant-class Star Destroyer(not Canon, but doesn't matter)

5-9 and 1 are not worth it if the ship is meant to replace a SSD

8 Recusant-class light destroyer

10 Lucrehulk-class Battleship, the one in the pic is the Droid control ship variant.

I just remember in the current version already out, why does it seem like all the Star Wars faction can build is X-wings. Almost every unit is locked when I checked the XMLs.

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Spinobreaker Author

not repalce the SSD at tier 12, what ever is voted in will go to its own tier and then the rest will be adjusted, but so far 10 is winning and that means id bump the SD to 12, the Calamari to 11, 10 to... well 10 lol and the jedi ship down to 9, making it not a transport any more, and make 10 the transport.

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I'd have to say 1, 2 and 4.
But really, there are some SW ships that would hardly be missed if replaced with some of these. There are some great ships suggested here, including #10. // not voting for it though

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i vote to replace the interdictor
that wont be missed that much, im sure
off course there are utilities but isant a very good ship anyway

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I want 2 see 10 in action soo I votes on 10 =) Best regards -->Theprivate<---

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I vote for # 10.

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If you are looking for a new tier 12 imperial ship i might have a suggestion

Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer

It is a legacy era ship
far more powerful then the Star Destroyer that is a very aging ship at that time
here is a picture of it
you could ask for the model
just a thought

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thats a good idea

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