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Chris and Alex Chat with Brian and Jim of Space Game Junkie about SVSH And a bunch of other fun stuff!

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We had a great time talking with the fellows over at Space Game Junkie. They took a look at our upcoming SVSH beta version, before we chatted about capital ships and what to expect from SVSH. We also talked about a bunch of other games, and a fancy coders keyboard for people who like the clacky!



Below are some screenshots of stuff we discussed about the beta version.

This is the derelict freighter on the Deep space map:

And here's me trying to hide from some AIAD in it!:

This is the new planetary ring map:

And here's me trying to hide from some AIAD in it!:

This is the map view we mentioned, where you can issue fleet commands:

And some of at explosion action Chris was talking about:

Hope you're all as excited as I am :D More updates coming soon!


Looks very good but what are the modes in this game Campaign, Sandbox...Steam greenlight? Kickstarter?And what are current and future features do you plan to add?

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Spckd Author

Hey there! SVSH will have three main modes:
-Skirmish, where you can set up a battle against ais
-And single player mode, which is going to be like a sandbox rpg mode with persistent story arcs, mission, and a map.

Skirmish mode will be available first. Our upcoming beta release will have the skirmish editor and a bunch of ships and maps to choose from. Then in subsequent updates you'll get MP mode and sandbox mode. The final release will have five playable factions each with about 10 ships including carriers, and a bunch of other neat stuff too. We talk about a lot of that in the podcast above.

As for your question about Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight, we're still investigating. Kickstarter actually JUST came to Canada, so we're interested for sure. What I can tell you is that we'll be making a big deal about it if/when we end up doing our first kickstarter or submitting SVSH to services like Steam Green light or Desura. So keep an eye out!

Thanks for the questions!

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After silence, just yes

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