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so were onto episode four of the second season with something new for you all in the way of the podcast. Enjoy :)

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So we are back with some more podcasting Left 4 Deadness. This week we are breaking into a new style of doing Maps, we're doing them video style. We found that doing reviews as purley audio was not really any good at truly justifying the map without playing it. So we decided that it was time that we moved into making this something for you to watch whilst eating your breakfast. Another good reason for this is that some people listen to the podcast just for the map and they usually don't listen to the whole podcast because they cannot be bothered to wait for it.

Once again some things go bad with audio, there was some problems with North Surrey which was sent in my Korean Thug, there is some very strange but with Audacity that we cannot seem to fix and get the audio back for that. And we would also like to appologise to Airon who provided us with some help cleaning up the audio and went it came to actually attempting to sort it out we ran out of time to ask questions before being late with podcast releases. I will be sending a bunch of questions to him when i get a chance about sorting out the audio properly.

Anywho show notes:

Survivors Diary Podcast Videos & Audio - Mod DB

Show Notes

Feature: Left 4 Dead 2 Game play

Campaign: Dead Before Dawn

Download from |

Tactic: Rushing by Korean Thug (KT)


  • AA Killer
  • Stoned Wombat
  • Langford UGC
  • Lt JannesG UGC
  • Lt McMuffin
  • Airon
  • Your Crap I Quit
  • Mack10 [cS]
  • JargonJabb
  • McGazaw -=UK=-
  • WormsQ UGC
  • Sir Doctor
  • Foxboy_Seraphim
  • Stort - CP
  • Magic - HFR
  • Typhoon – Wolf.Pro
  • eDge – La 7ieme Cie
  • fionnoh
  • Zangetsu – CB-Z
  • kmp1989

UM, is francis that goes hillarius on Louis, then Louis does a retort, and is like. "I dont know whats wrong with VESTS!"

ANOTHER OWESOME! "Throwing melee weapons" GO MW2! :D Throwin knives!

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Let him be...He knows what he's doing.

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Is that a girl speaking on the video?

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SC.Nick Author

Yes, that is Soul Grafitti.

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I find her voice unpleasant :/

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think so:P

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any news on the finale??

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