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SUPPLY DROP | Patch 0.2.1: New features, bug fixes and more!

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Dear Commanders,

Thanks to your feedback we have many changes incoming to help your journey on Shoal. We’re pleased to be providing you with local support as well as some changes that ought to make life a little easier down on the planet. We’ve also been hearing that there have been some changes made to the local life forms that are worth keeping an eye on.

We’re expecting there to be some skirmishes in the near future for you to cut your teeth on and some larger amendments to how you give orders.

As always, keep up the good work and we’ll see you out there.

The Exec


  • Hotseat Multiplayer! If you want to play multiplayer with someone locally, you can create your own scenario and add another Human player!


  • Summoner is now better at summoning than the Talisman
  • It is no longer free to summon with the Talisman
  • Talisman is now built by Summoner
  • They Wait in the Fens as well as units built by the Shepherd can now be summoned
  • You can now unload Hunger as The People of Sun and Shadow

Bug Fix

  • Fix issue where The Animator used Alloys for Producing instead of Motherboards
  • Fix issue where Scatterbirds, Finback, and Octopus cost no Population
  • Fix issue where Storage Requirement in Projects wasn't reflecting storage amounts available in a region
  • Fix issue where Mining Icon for tall buildings was way off scale
  • Fix issue where we were showing the explored enemy display X for units like Scrap and Remains
  • Fix issue where if you had more Current Population than your Population Limit, you wouldn’t be able to Transform

New Hotkeys / Controls(Reminder: these are visible in the controls section in the game menu)

  • You can now temporarily disable tooltips by holding Left Control. Letting go of Control will show tooltips again
  • You can now cycle through units that have unused attacks with Tab + 1
  • You can now cycle through units that have unused moves with Tab + 2
  • You can also “Wait” a unit (it will not show up in your tab cycling) by clicking Z with unit selected. "Waiting" means the unit will be skipped over when tab-cycling units.
  • Control menu updated to reflect a hotkey for both Unloading and Loading (previously only one was listed)

Quality of Life

  • On the Unit Tooltip, you will now always see: Control Range (even if 0), Move Range, Vision Range
  • If you save and exit the game, the game will load with the camera at the last location you were looking at
  • You will now see every Action a unit has available to it, including Surge Move and Surge Attack, in its tooltip
  • When using a Heal Project, you will see the new HP of the unit you are going to heal
  • Unit XP Sliders have a tooltip now that show you your accumulated XP, and how much more XP to get to the next level
  • Both Move and Attack outlines will turn orange if you will use a Surge
  • Infrastructure tooltips are much more obvious about whether or not a building / unit will contribute to the Region Infrastructure Limit, and states extremely clearly under which Region Ownership they can be built
  • Experience Cantata Maps in Full Detail (Tile names now prioritize Detail names if there are Details on the tile. Enjoy looking at much Colony Debris, Wreckage, and Carnage!)
  • Some very small nit-picky formatting that moonstone suggested

Thanks to all your comments, we've been working hard on adding new features (hello multiplayer!), fixing bugs and so much more.

We'd love to hear more about what you think in our official Cantata Discord.

- Afterschool Games

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