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SUPPLY DROP | Patch 0.1.2: AI pathfinding, small UI changes and bug fixes!

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Dear commanders,

We've been mightily impressed by your reports from your early forays into enemy territory on the planet of Shoal. We've taken time to parse through feedback and your initial reports and are pleased to be providing the following changes. Be aware, there's plenty more on its way and this is just the start of our plans for regular updates.

We'll see you out there,

The Exec


  • 10 crowns gets a heal that uses scrap to heal others
  • lots of individual terrain changes to reflect proper intention (tiles shouldn't have 20 capacity, fixed lots of names, etc.)


  • ai now properly A* pathfinds to destinations. this also means its much smarter about finding destinations in more complicated maps.
  • removed supply line limitation where you couldn't connect to something already supplying you
  • mini UIs for units no longer block unit selection
  • tab cycling units now immediately moves the camera to the next unit (instead of queuing the moves up)
  • fix bug where having a unit selected and going to the main menu broke the game
  • fix bug with previews sticking around on map if unit was being previewed while it was destroyed
  • fix bug with built interactables leaving their build location coloration on the map
  • adds in lots more info in attack tooltip about what your attack will damage, if you will be opportunity attacked if you move, if you'll be counterattacked, etc.
  • supply line "reaching" lines will now properly show if you are outside of their supply-able range but they could supply you
  • you now see attack lines from enemies drawn to your selected unit when the unit is first selected
  • regions now show remaining resources on their nameplates (thanks @Moonstone)
  • added resource depleted notification
  • fix issue where roads would let you move to an impassable tile
  • transforming now properly updates vision


  • fixed deadlock issue with second Cherubin (thanks everyone!) and added in a few more early steps to teach people about ending turns and unloading earlier

Scenario Editor

  • added an Objective Complete trigger condition
  • fix issue where objective completion was triggering before the actual objective's trigger was fully done executing


  • more notes are where they should be + tweaking some existing music tracks
  • bg music no longer changes if camera is moving during a cut scene
  • fix bug where movement sounds for some units could still be heard if game was exited while unit was
  • adds in machine mending sfx and other healing sounds


  • trim install size by 500mb (oops)

We'd love to hear more from you in our active Discord community! You can also tune into our next Dev Stream or Feedback Session where you can interact directly with us.

The next scheduled update will bring some major changes to Cantata and is landing on Steam on the 5th July!

- Afterschool Studio

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