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Article about superweapons in future Christmas beta DoI

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Superweapons article in Dawn of Immolation Mod

Hello friends. I want to discuss one topic important for me. In this mod will be superweapons like in Ultimate Apocalypse, so gameplay is changed. You know, in UA mod you see superweapons like in Generals ZH game (for example, Particle cannon, Nuclear Rocket and etc.), but in this mod superweapons will be different. Superweapons in DoI mod not always super duper gun with powerful explosions. In my mod its can be ultra-heavy vehicles, powerful heroes or units and even Titans.

Superweapons list (from Relicnews thread)
Eldar: Witch Uber-Storm
Space Marines (Red Scorpions): wip
Imperial Guard: BT Land Raider
Yu-Vath: Huandi Crystall Worships
White Scars: "Jagatay Sabre" Ion Cannon
Dark Eldar: Planet Strike Cannon "Malekit"
Sisters of Battle: wip
Chaos: Warp Storm
Tau: Demiurg Space Cannon "Nippon"
Necrons: Star Cannon "Khemri"
Orks: Boom Boom Rockets

Also mod have combined races like Tyranids and Daemons. I want to create superweapons for them but it needs permission of their authors.

User Posted Image
superweapon of Imperial Guard - BT auxillaries land Raider (Thanks FoK)

User Posted Image
superweapon of Eldar - Witch Uber Storm
User Posted Image
Nippon Cannon Tau

moddlord1 - - 11,188 comments

1. orks maybe use the BLASTA BOMBA PLANE = dropping a BOOM BOMB = better call it SUPAH BOOM BOMB with bomb hitting an area a green effect also plane can not be shot down. 2. or you can use SUPA-ROKKITS they are enourmous rokkits also used by battle fortres,stompa,bomber planes. 3. pulsa rokkit = also very cool. 4. epic krooz missiles = big used by gargantuan. i love nr 1 and nr 3 and you?

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