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No I haven't started working on the mod again, I never truly stopped. The small bits of work I've done have added up to this release.

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It's been over year since I released an update for this mod. Over time I've continued working on and updating it
whenver I was up to the task. This update is simply to share the progress in which I've made, this update does not
mean I'll be making continous update to the mod.

Be sure to be thankful for these great players on volunteering to have AI's created based upon some of their preferences.
Though the AI may not be great imitations, they're still very much the superior AI you know and love.

Thank you!


This update provides many fixes to the AI, plenty of adjustments have been made. I am happy to say this is one of the best
versions of the mod.

Nanoswarms are back to targeting enemy units, burst drone are properly landing
on units again too.

Imperial warriors are now using their bonzai charge against nearby infantry including bears!

So yeah, it's awesome. I've added 42 new personalities total.

Making the mod officially over 100 personalities.
This means you pretty much have so many possible matches that it could take a lifetime to complete every
possible match. I mean think about the fact you'd need to play over 100 matches of 1v1's.

If you were to play 1v1 vs each personality on every ranked map in the game it'd be over 700 matches.

Now think about all the possible combinations for 2v2's with AI's, you have even more possible situations.
Then take it a step further for 3v3's, and then FFA's.

At this point I can say, it's likely nobody who will ever play this mod will play against every possible FFA on a 6 player

On a end note I'm going to leave you all with a list of every AI in the mod version 1.05, it will include a small description
of what that personality does. This may help you have some very fun matches.
You can check it out in the features tab.

If the new version isn't available for download as you read this, it is probably waiting to be approved.
So be patient ;)

Have fun and thank you!

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