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A showcase of some of Chapter 1's levels along with some sad and some exciting news about Chapter 1.

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Greetings once again pilgrims, L0kken here.

It's been almost half a year this time so apologies are in order. Unfortunately, life has been and still is extremely difficult for me and some others and so development of Trench Foot has suffered and slowed as a result. Especially because of PC problems. While work on other fronts continues steadily, mapping has seen the least progress given I'm the only one in that department. Sadly, this means that we'll have to break the promise of a 2022 release and push it back at least a few months into 2023. On the bright side, it will give us more time to make other aspects of the game even better than it is now, so hopefully we can make up for it.

Speaking of the maps, it's been a while since we've talked about them so let's dive into it. As you may already know, chapter one's main maps are a huge expansion of the original demo. Not only have we been adding more detail as gameplay evolves, but you'll also be seeing brand new locations ranging from fresh and messy catacombs to hellish tunnels straight from nightmares.

We again join Master Templar as he attempts to rally the faithful defenders of a doomed fortress and beat back the wave of darkness bearing down upon them. This time, however, it will not be a simple reskin of the Doom key hunt formula, but lean more heavily into a more modern and story-focused approach we experimented with a little in CountryCide. No longer is Master Templar a key hoarder. Now he'll have actual objectives to follow and complete. Expect to engage in activities that include getting a hold of explosives and planting them in certain areas for some major fireworks, finding the right tools to eradicate filth obstructing your path and so on.

In addition to enforcing a stronger sense of direction, there are now a plethora of scripted events across every map to make the world feel more alive and natural. Some are gory, some are spooky, but all of them serve a purpose to the story and play an important part in building the atmosphere. Reworked interactions between Master Templar and friendly NPC's should make you feel even further immersed in the world and add more character to the game.

It's not hard to conclude that this will not be a short-lived experience. While we may not be able to reach the length of a full game, we guarantee that you will be scouring the trenches and beyond for at least around 4 hours. Then there's CountryCide that's going to be bundled with Chapter 1 along with a few changes and additions to accommodate the new features. Hopefully the veritable action-horror feast we've been sweating hard to cook up will leave you satisfied before hungering for more.

That's it for now. Have a good one!

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