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We have just released major update 0.7.5 This updates includes many new features including sleeping, sitting, shield, dodge and power attack move. Check it out!

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Subterrain major update 0.7.5

We have just released major update 0.7.5 This version include many new features and updates so please check them out!

You can also go to our store page and check out the announcement by the community hub.

Also check out our Trello board to see what we are going to work on during the early access.


West can sit on the chair, sofa or bench. Stamina recovery rate is increased while sitting.


West can sleep on the bed. Time will pass quicker and sleepiness condition will improve. Rest status which gives reduced stamina requirement condition will be invoked upon waking up.

Drink from a tap

West can drink from a tap at the risk of contamination. It has limited supply of water and it does not refill.


West can block attacks by equipping power pack and hold click right mouse button. It can absorb up to 50% of incoming damage. Shield will drain energy from power pack when it is turned on and drains extra energy when it is hit. Damage absorption amount and their effects are very much in open for development.

Dodge move

West has new move to dodge or quick step away from danger by pressing space bar and the movement keys. Dodge move will drain his stamina.

Power melee attack

Melee attack move has changed from left mouse click to hold left mouse click and then release. Longer you hold the left mouse button more power West gathers before he releases to strike. You can gather the power up to 2 seconds which will result in 2x damage.

New style of fog

Fog area that are not visible to West is now represented by gray of the game background. West still needs to explore the area with his vision plus some lights to be able to unveil the fog so any undiscovered area will still be represented by the darkness. This may reduce some immersion feelings but we think it improves the overall visuals quite a bit. We can also introduce the pure black fog as before through option or on the game difficulty selection.

Cocoon update

Cocoons are updated with the new sprites. Their physics behavior have also changed. Now they will be anchored at the fixed point on the ground, and only their core will move about. This will make player less likely get stuck by the cocoons. Their death effect has been updated too. Future plan for the cocoon is that when they die, they can spawn some mutants and when you go near them they may occasionally attack you with some kind of tentacles.


We have started placing much needed decals on the map. This is part of the ongoing environment improvements. Soon, we want to turn these maggots into some kind of bio traps and add other types of dangers to the environment.

Lighting option

New graphics option - Lighting quality. (Low, Medium, High) This option can be used by a lower spec computer such as laptop with Intel HD 4000 graphics card to improve game performance. For a normal gaming pc, it shouldn’t have much effects at all and you can just set it to high. But with a low spec computer that has low GPU memory bandwidth, this option can improve game performance.

Shop UI

3D Printer shop UI has changed. Now, it accepts proper access cards as well as discount coupons. Access cards and coupons can be found throughout the game.

Other Notes :

- Changed : Max stamina is increased by 300%
- Melee attack kill can result in a better biomass drop yield.
- Added knock back force on melee attacks.
- Tutorial tips needs to be updated.
- Balancing needs to be tweaked as we have just introduced the new features.

Future plan

Our immediate plan for June is to improve range combat experience. We also want to add new mutant types. Here is sneak preview of one of upcoming mutant unit.

Cheers everyone!

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