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I want everyone to know we developed the newest thing in mods, gamemode with gamemode maps and quests and stuff. I implemented the main menu with inventory, loadout, even thou I think of it as outload... in orignal cw, its outload, not tf2 loadout... this is important... because the CW inventory system... has to function correctly with Team Deathmatch - Deathmatch teams.. and Battle Royal gamemodes.. I even get confused what the fuck I try to do to make it work like CrimeWars wants... its like

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its own being... that I image,. I create... just the physics and maps and stuff... I should worry about it later... first I need to readd the guns.. sounds.. vehicles cars and more.. like fixing the NPC teams mode gamemode code... this isn't some gmod gamemode with lag and idiot slow code. I don't know why PB keeps giving up... I went offline for a month.. I knew the internet would come back sooner than I expected.. but I did code like a junkie monkey.. hoping to get a release out as soon as I uninterneted. So I will delete some stuff and pack a release within the week.. its takes about 2 days to upload.


wait what do you mean is this the end?

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no just want to do a release by xmas type date , but really lots of content moving around.. I had to auto convert like 1500 wav files and stuff just yesterday, and some files still not formated right, even thou they play ok in windows.. I had freak noises in game.. because wav in some wierd format I think.

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