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The next Strategus campaign, VI will be starting today with some notable additions/changes to the game. Join the online campaign and take part in epic scale battles and a truly unique Warband experience!

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Strategus V Over ♞ Strategus VI Begins!

After a fierce campaign lasting over 2 years Strategus V is over. Many clans, alliances, and individuals have fought bravely over the Villages, Castles and Towns of Calradia (EU) and Nova Calradia (NA).


The next Strategus campaign, VI will be starting today with some notable additions/changes to the game. Join the online campaign and take part in the epic scale battles, real diplomacy and truly unique Warband experience!

A list of some of the changes made to this round of Strategus

Sell Price Multi increased (Easier Trading)
Max Trade Distance increased (Easier Trading)
Starting Troops increased 200 (Easier Army Building)
Starting Gold increased 5000
Village, Castle, and Town production points increased (Fiefs production more powerful)
Tax Production point cost decreased (Fiefs more economically powerful)
Reset production point cost decreased (Fief reorganization more viable)
Production Point item cost decreased (Equipment production less costly)
Effects of Crime greatly decreased (Less loss of troops to crime)

Tireless Work by Dev Team (We love you guys <3)

These changes put in place by our wonderful Developers team and current head North American developer Dupre, should allow players to more easily build their armies and join the multiplayer campaigns of Strategus VI. The campaign can be played on both the EU server and NA server, with the maps being linked at the eastern edge of EU and the western edge of NA! This is your chance to grab your e-companions and set off on a quest of epic proportions! Will you be a trader? A diplomat? A bandit? A loyal knight? A barbarian?

Carve out your slice of Strategus History today!


Great Battles, Great XP!

With these new changes to the mechanics of Strategus there is no doubt that Strategus VI will be a great campaign and excellent source of batlles and XP. Start your adventure today when the Strategus server is reset to officially begin the 6th online multiplayer campaign of C-RPG!


See you on the field!

Painmace - - 341 comments

wuut people still play Strat?

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njames89 Author
njames89 - - 213 comments

Yes some of the factions in NA are: The Gobblin Empire, The Despotate of Veluca, The Dwarven Miners Guild, The Hounds of Chulainn, The Free Peasants of Fisdnar.

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axeltt012 - - 1 comments

We are now Wednesday the 18th of January 2017 and the mod is ALIVE. Some clans came back and we look forward to get even more players :)

We might even get enough player to comeback and start a new Strategus Season.


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njames89 Author
njames89 - - 213 comments

Have had decent strategus battles now as players return to the multilayer campaign in NA Strategus.

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