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Back story of the zombie virus posted on the Outbreak site before it geocities was shut down.

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We have traced the origin of Strain-7 back to the US biological weapons
division. It started with Strain-1 a mutation of rabies created in 1954,
Made to use on the USSR soldiers. Strain-1 had little success, It made
the infected more violent and insane, over a few weeks.

Eventually the infected person would die. They later created Strain-2, the
scientists cut down the time it took to become insane and violent, from
weeks to days. The infected person would die with in a week.
In Strain-3 they made the spread of the virus much easier, Contact with a infected persons body fluids in any open wound would result in a 99.9% chance of infection. This was
extremely effective because the infected person would bite and scratch.
With the loss of their mind, they did not have the mental capacity to
use weapons of any sort.

With Strain-4 came the advent of the loss of all felling of pain. With out any pain,
The infected became very hard to stop. Non fatal wounds would not stop
their attack on a victim. They had finally created a effective
biological weapon. The CIA tested its effectiveness on a small village
in Vietnam, in 1968. It worked with devastating results, Every one in
the village was infected with in 1 week and unforeseen by the
researchers they were infecting animals also. To prevent the spread any
further they napalmed and carpet bombed the village and surrounding
area, non-stop for 6 days.

In 1972 the USSR
and US governments sign a treaty to stop all development of biological
and chemical weapons. The government stopped all development of Strain-4
and destroyed all traces of the virus. Dr. Robert Helie the maker of
Strain-1, managed to sneak out a sample. Not wanting his greatest life
work to be destroyed.

In 1976 the terrorist group know as,
Soul Savior. Found out about Dr. Helie and his work. They broke into his
house killed him and his family, then stole all his research and the
sample of Strain-4. They began their own research on the virus, With in
months they perfected Strain-5.
With Strain-5 came a infection rate of
under 10 hours, increased strength, and increased endurance. The
infected never became tired, But the life span of the infected was
reused to under 3 days. This is also the year when they began calling
the infected, Zombies. Because of their low brain function and high
levels of violence.
After anther 9 years of development they
finally made Strain-6, They increased the healing rate of the infected
drastically. Their mussels and bones grew in strength and they could
regenerate their tissue at a alarming rate, But oddly their flesh was
not affected and rotted off.
The 7th and final mutation of the virus
came in 1997. Strain-7 contained a perfected life span of years. They
did this by shutting down most all of the functions of the body,
including lung function and higher functions of the brain.
In 2000 they discovered that when a
zombie consumed Strain-7 his powers grew. The more he consumed the more
his powers would grow. The healing ability and strength doubled when
only 100mg was injected into a infected host. When over 200mg is
injected the hosts rotting flesh is replaced with a hard exoskeleton.
When 300mg is injected the exoskeleton begins to transform to the colors
around it like chameleon.
Further development of the virus was halted when the Israeli special forces hunted down and assassinated the leader and all known members of the terrorist group. In retribution for attacks on the Israeli and the Jewish community.


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