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A Choice has been made about the "DLC" or FLC for this mod

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northern kingdoms map by amberan

I have decided to Do something that i said I was not going to do. Something set it the Northern Kingdoms, And after a lot of thought I have picked my story.

This DLC will begin with the player taking on the life Or Ciri as a young child and experiencing the world through Her/His eye (Yes I know it is lore braking but, its a story DLC and I wanna apeez the fans so "Hey".

The games tutorial will take place with you as a child and as you progress the world will expand all while you age.

I believe this will put book lore fans At a happy medium along with the Monsters and men Supporters. As for Story It will loosely follow the life of young ciri and be driven by character action.


I will be starting work on this now, as I am filled with Vision on this topic, However work will not be slowed on the Base game as has been of late :(

That's it, Thanks :)

AncientObelisk - - 127 comments

Awesome :D

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espoig - - 106 comments

Good stuff mate

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