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Recruitment Drive, Game Brief and Story development.

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Sorry for the recent inactivity, things kinda got bogged down and just slowed to a standstill. Not much progress has been made unfortunately.

However, in the next few weeks things should start moving a little more quickly.
We have a more detailed storyline being put together, with hopefully what will be a script in the coming weeks. This will give map creation easier as they have something to work from and know how the map and plot will and should unfold.
These details won't be released for the public until the rest is completed, as there's no point me telling you what's happened without playing it.

There's also been a game brief drawn up, which in hiensight should have been done from the start. But it's a learning curve, and I'll know for next time. This will be ciruclated to those within the mod, and those interested in joining us to give a basis to work from.
Those of you who are following us should have access to this in yuor PM box, took me ages to do!

We are also trying to get more onboard to help with the development of maps and models, and generally create some interest. There's some tough competition out there with Black Mesa, Petrograd and other excellent mods, so we need to people to get things moving!
If you're interested in helping out on any or all levels, PM me.

We're not dead - we were almost mind!


good luck to you guys!
unfortunately i can't help you on your dev, cause i'm working on my oun project...)

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LordAnubis08 Author

Thanks :)

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