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The first story update for Three, the Open World RPG. This post looks at the Outcast Pact.

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The Outcast Pact

Once extradited by what was considered to be the "higher" class beings in the Elven Allegiance, they took their supposedly demeaning label "Outcasts" ,decided to wear it like a badge of honor, and took a blood pact to forever bind them to fight alongside each other, hence The Outcast Pact erupted into existence. The Orcs, Wolfmen and Salamanders finally decided they would not withstand the mockery and distaste towards their existence. The Orcs forged their crude but effective weapons, the wolfmen scouted into enemy territory , the Salamanders mined for resources deep in volcanos and they equipped themselves well for the war against The Elven Allegiance.


Backstory : Once the Orcs, Humans, Elves and Dwarves all lived in the same region and all belonged to the Elven Allegiance, but when the Orcs refused to kneel to the new Elven King and pledge an offering they were frowned upon. After growing disputes between the Elves and the Orcs the Orc Cheifetan let his temper loose and murdered the Elven King, causing them to be forced out of the region.

Description :
Muscular and ugly, Orcs are not the most beautiful sight. They have skin tones ranging from white all the way through to dark green. Orcs have pointy teeth, ears and always appear angry.

Race Special :

  • Ability - Rage (Does 5x damage in a period of time and 2x swinging speed)


Backstory :
Mistakenly taken as werewolves in human territory, the wolfmen were a dying race, that was until they crossed the border in order to flee from the pursuing of the humans. Many fell on the long and dangerous trip through the Darkness, but when they reached the other side they were welcomed by the orcs into their strange pact. After a small time, the wolfmen that had fled were back at full strength and declared their allegiance to the Orcs and their Outcast Pact.

Description :
Commonly confused with werewolves, the wolfmen are of a much higher intellect than that of their close ancestors (Similar to human to ape). They walk on two feet but when they run they drop down on all fours and move at great speed, so great that they can barge anything that gets in their way causing those with a lack of strength to "fly".

Pastimes : Howling on a full moon

Race Special/s :

  • Passive Ability - Sprints Faster (On four legs)
  • Passive Ability - Barge (While Sprinting)(Uses alot of stamina)


Backstory :
The Salamander's reasoning for joining the Outcast Pact was not one of high honour or to reclaim what was once theirs, it was out of greed as they knew the riches that the elves had been building up for countless years. Unfortunately for the Salamanders, their plans were not usually well thought out as they were not the brightest, but they saw this as their lucky break.

Description : Lizard like beings who tend to stand on two legs but can run on all fours. Said to have been born in the hearts of volcano's because of their imperviousness to fire. They have 4 fingers including a thumb on each hand and 4 toes on each foot, and, on the tips of their fingers are subtle orange bumps that give the Salamander the ability to climb almost anything, however after a certain amount of time these "suction" bumps loose grip and may cause the Salamander to fall.

Race Special/s :

  • Passive Ability - Impervious to Fire
  • Ability - Climb
  • Passive Ability - Less fall damage

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