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Hello everyone! Today,we will break the ice and talk about...

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Hello everyone!
Today,we will break the ice and talk about several things related to modification.
In this article we will report you the story and further information


The story currently is being worked on,and it is somewhat similar to Battlefield 2 Universe one.
But,our events happen in 2014.Here is the current alpha story for this modification:

War of 2014 (Battlefield 3 and Project Zombie Reality 2014 Inspired)

Year 2013. After some rebelions have risen in Middle East and Africa,which doomed the future of states situated in Persian-Oman Gulf.After a civil war started in both Saudi Arabia and Syria,Middle Eastern Coalition rebirths and makes pacts with arabian states to make a strong union to otherthrow Europe and Asia.Year 2014 arrived with a lot of conflicts. US,European Union and Russia allies togheter to stop the spread of MEC before they will gain necesarry forces to defeat allies.By that,War of 2014 begins...


Alpha Trial will deliver a fight in Fallujah,Iraq. Your mission is to play the alpha trial and report its negative parts,so they could be fixed,to move on next step: Beta
Currently Alpha Trial is 15 % ready,so its release might come a little later

While you are waiting for Extension Pack No.3 you can check out Extension Pack No.2

Battlefield 2 Extension Pack No.2

By clicking this button,you will get access to our previous modification

Well,thats it for today our friends.
Thank you for paying attention and see you next time
Half-Way Studios

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