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Sharing some new insights into the story of High Moon. PLUS NEW ART!!! :D

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Howdy Y'all,

Stephen here to bring you a little update!

High Moon's development took a back seat to life for about two weeks, so we haven't been able to post any new articles. We're glad to say that development is slowly working it's way back on track (though the holidays may be another snare!).

So for now I'd like to share a few little tid bits about our characters and the story. I've gotten my best friend Darren T. Atherton (who I've been developing stories with for about 14 years now) to write for High Moon. We're planning on doing a little weekly narrative (small bit's and pieces of story with art) leading up to the release of the game. This narrative will set the stage for the single player plot in High Moon.

Without further adieu, here's something to tide you over!

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"Word has it there are few remainin' bloodsuckers on the earth. Fewer still are the ones who suck the blood o' their own kind. Lord knows why, but Barceline's one of 'em. They say a single feedin' and she can live a hundred years. So when she heard Moondance took up his huntin' in the Forgotten West, she started another hunt of her own. But the Elementalist wouldn't let 'er have ol' Moondance unless she could prove herself in the duels. When, in all her immortal arrogance, she tried to do away with the Elementalist, well, she ended up acceptin' the deal right quick."

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