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New details about the setting, story and world of Das Geisterschiff.

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Present Day, Present Time


The game is set in the distant future. The surface of our home planet is a scorched wasteland with ghost towns, piles of trash and spaceports covered with protective barriers being the only remaining landmarks of the glorious past. The ozone layer has been destroyed, which makes trips to the surface dangerous even for pilots of Robotic Combat Suits. Almost everyone who was smart and resourceful enough joined the colonization projects, while the rest remained in the underground tunnels on Earth -- some of them chose this fate, while others didn't.

Street Fight

However, life underground is far from perfect -- the majority of space is owned by two megacorporations, which pour their resources into attempts to sabotage and conquer each others' territory, because it's cheaper to wage an invisible war instead of building new sectors and tunnels and paying for honest work. As a result, they're constantly fighting and trying to sabotage each others' operations by using lone soldiers. Sometimes they get squads of people or robots to do this job, but it's not that common -- a lone wolf with explosives can take out an entire squad in a narrow tunnel.

The protag is one of the lone soldiers employed by Bright Corp.

Dormant Enemy

GTP Indie Cup: Impressions Coming Soon

Next post will be focused more on our impressions from GTP Indie Cup, their feedback and impressions of our little game as well as new information about the current progress. Meanwhile, enjoy the trailer:

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