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We've would like to show you a few new screenshots. Help our game to get on Steam Greenlight. Every vote counts!

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Our first game – Stonerid, is a platformer for Windows. The coolest feature of the game are 2 parallel, differently designed worlds, in each level. When you switch between worlds you also switch between main characters. There are 2 of them: stone creature and demon. Moreover, the game offers high difficulty level, lots of dangerous traps and monsters, and many other features.

Now, after many months of work, Stonerid is finally completed and it's on Steam Greenlight. However, we need your help. If you think Stonerid deserves to be on Steam, click on the image below and vote.

Stonerid on Greenlight

Here is a few new screenshots from many various levels, that show how Stonerid looks like.

Remember, your vote is very important. Thank you.
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