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Finally some infos. Yeaaay! Soooo... We need 50 characters for the summery, ha? Uhm... How is everybody? Feeling fine I hope! yaaaahhh...

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We are still alive!

And the project is coming along great! A lot of cool stuff is already working, and we get closer and closer to the private alpha phase each day. Unfortunately none of us seems to have the patience to sit down and finally add some information here. Soooo here are some basics:

As you may would suggest from our team name, we have a big focus on procedural content in our game. First of all, we have a HUGE game world, which is fully dynamic - this massive world acts as a background to the game. The 'hot spots' of activity which act directly as the playfield the players can directly influence - imagine blowing a hole in a side of a mountain to smite your foe! Or giant creatures that deform the very ground under its massive.

The whole gameplay is turn based, and you use cards to capture enemy bases and get more land for your faction. And more land means more power, more power equals more and better cards for you.

There are quite a few more things to talk about, but for the obvious reason the we at Pro3Dural games are damn right evil, we won't tell you till we actually have stuff to show you.

Feel free to ask, give us critic, hate us, love us...

Inko signing off.

Oh, and Yes! We really do like Portal 2. If you haven't already, buy it! Now!

Portal Fan-Fic

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