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We got some new graphics and i wrote some informations about gameplay

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So how will it look in practice?

On our website you will create new account and your hero. You will need to choose fraction you are in favor and pick one of dozens of classes available for your hero. Your character will have standard attributes such as Strengthor Toughness and leveling them will result in better combat skills of your hero, but you might also focus on leveling up command skills which will allow you
to be in charge of bigger army.

Everyone starts off with small troops consisting of basic units (like goblins for horde). The more you play and the more you win will benefit in experience for your troops and money. You will be able to level up your units (so they fight better obviously) and spend money on upgrades, new units or equipment for your hero. And there's also magic system, so the money might be spent on some new spells as well.

Battles will be played via matchmaking system that will choose the best opponent for you or you can play using fast battle option, where host decides for how many points you're playing and you're building army regardless of the army with your hero (basically in this mode you will be able to try out some armies and strategies).

Battle will be played in game client application (EXE). It will be simply a strategy game with an aerial view. With every won game your fraction becomes stronger and gets access to cheaper new units. To balance it out, new players will start out with more gold/units though. Players can find guilds which brings multiplayer joy onto another level - you will be able to fight with your comrades and perform sieges on castles of another guilds.

Our new forum (we are waiting for some ideas and suggestions) GLORIOUS-FORUM.TK
New graphics (imperial men), shadows, day and night (coordinates of weapons will be fixed)

In preview image you have more new graphic (not yet implemented in game)

feillyne Staff

Interesting. No way to emulate the client app via the web, just like in Unity?

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ANtY93 Author

Too late for that :(

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