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Progress & Update - New additions, Galaxy map progress, Collectors & more

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Hi to the whole 5 people who are watching this mod.

A warm welcome to:
Puck, who is helping out with the galaxy generation right now,
and finally Brontodon, who has started writing for the mod, including some background, events, dialogue and whatever else needs doing.
Thanks to Sancto (Fate of the Galaxy) and Puck, the galaxy generation is coming along well, with a 800x800 and a 600x600 galaxy almost finished. Soon we will begin working on the races, including custom traits, civics, ethics, factions, governments, diplomacy, etc.
Collectors are on their way, although the custom models & assets will have to wait until we can find someone to help with those, as none of us have any modelling experience.
Bronto has begun writing for the end-game Reaper Crisis

Stay tuned for more

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