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SteelMod v3.1 is a loot balance update that adds a few extra tweaks to items and entities.

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The Loot Update

Loot balancing has always been a big thing for us at Steel Marauders. We want players to focus on working within their groups for what they have, since most (if not, all) items can be crafted from the natural resources around you, including the most powerful of weapons and armors. We want to make sure you can still find somewhat decent loot in the wasteland, otherwise it defeats the purpose of exploring for goods.

SteelMod v3.1

That being said, we have rolled out another update that focuses more on realism and resource balance. Read the full scoop below.

SteelMod v3.1 Changelog

Weapon Changes

  • Increased degradation value of pistol to 250
  • Increased damage of Sawed Off Pump Shotgun
  • Decreased damage of .44 Magnum
  • Increased Scope Range of Sniper Rifle
  • Increased player melee damage from 5 to 7
  • Increased Crossbow degradation value to 300
  • Decreased Crossbow Bolt entity damage to 30
  • Increased Pump Shotguns damage, range & clip size
  • Increased Hunting Rifles degradation value, range, & clip size
  • Increased degradation value of BBGun & BBRifle to 250
  • Decreased Explosive Crossbow entity damage
  • Added Scalpel knife to Doctor class


Entity Changes

  • Decreased zombie player damage from 10 to 8
  • Decreased zombie block damage to 0.5
  • Increased zombie cop melee damage
  • Increased zombie cop vomit reload time to 5 seconds & vomit damage to 75
  • Increased hornet stinger damage
  • Increased Feral health significantly
  • Increased zombie cop health significantly
  • Increased fat zombie health significantly
  • Increased hornet health to 125

Tools & Other Item Changes

  • Increased fuel capacity for Chainsaw & Auger to 300
  • Decreased health gained from Sanitizer to 5
  • Increased food gained from Protein Drink to 20
  • Increased explosive resistance of Mining Helmet to 0.3
  • Decreased stamina gained from Goldenrod Tea to 20
  • Decreased stamina gained from Coffee to 20
  • Decreased Repair Kit repair value to 15
  • Added "Admin Concrete" for server owners


Loot Changes

  • Added gun and gun parts back to safes
  • Added gun and gun parts back to munitions crates
  • Increased value of loot spawned in munition crates and safes
  • Significantly increased loot of Feral
  • Significantly increased loot of fat zombie & zombie cop
  • Increased amount of loot spawned in desks, sports bags, and book bags
  • Increased loot value in Shotgun Messiahs
  • Increased loot value in Working Stiffs
  • Added drugs loot to zombies
  • Increased chance to find tools in Working Stiffs


It is only a matter of time before The Fun Pimps start adding in new boss types, in order to really turn up the challenge factor. To go ahead and satisfy that craving now, we have ramped up the Feral zombie, cop zombie, and fat zombie's health tremendously, and increased the rarity in which loot is dropped. If you do not come prepared when you encounter one of these enemies, you will meet a swift death. Each of the following zombies have had the following health bonuses added to them:

Feral - 12000 health

EXP: 1,500

Chance to drop:

  • Flawless gun parts
  • Flawless military weapons
  • Hundreds of rounds of ammo
  • 1-3 Copper Ingots (which scrap into 100 Casino Coins a piece)
  • Flawless armor
  • Rare medicine
  • Rare tools

Zombie Cop - 5000 health

EXP: 750

Chance to drop:

  • Flawless gun parts
  • Hundreds of rounds of ammo
  • Rare medicine
  • Flawless armor

Fat Zombie - 2000 health

EXP: 350

Chance to Drop:

  • High gun part drop rate
  • High gun drop rate
  • High ammo drop rate
  • Flawless tools

For Server Owners

The mod can be installed server sided only, your players will no longer need the files on their end to play, as the mods xmls are synced accordingly. However, in order to see the custom items' icons, players must install the Mods folder included in this download in their 7 Days To Die directory similar to how xmls are installed.



If you are playing single player, install the xmls as you normally would.

Thanks again to the awesome ModDB community for your positive feedback and encouragement throughout this mods development. Be prepared for a ship load of new things in v4 when Alpha 13 launches!

Guest - - 695,831 comments

thanks! gonna try it soon

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Guest - - 695,831 comments

cant play after putting in the files, console says error generating chunks, null reference object

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RedW0lf Author
RedW0lf - - 49 comments

Sorry about that, seems I edited the xmls recently inside the .rar and didn't apply some some changes manually. It has been fixed, thanks for bringing it to my attention ^^

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