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The steam version of Loop mod is now available for download on the steam workshop!

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Greetings and salutations everyone!

I hope many of you have been enjoying the recent steam release of Black Mesa! Even if Xen is still in the works, I, (hopefully!) like most of you, scooped up the game in a heartbeat. I have dug into the recesses of Hammer once more so that the experience of Loop Mod can be enjoyed in the steam version's single player mode.

You can, of course, find it here:
Currently, the steam version of this mod is identical to the most recent version seen here on this site. There have been very few changes between both the black mesa mod's version of the stock map and the steam version's stock map (the changes that were present can be counted on two fingers).

With the steam version's workshop integration, future patches, if any, will be a cinch.

As far as On a Rail Uncut compatibility goes, I will as always try my very best to make sure that both my mod and the Uncut mod play well together. I am not sure of the status of that in regards to the steam version just yet, but I will keep all of you posted.


Phenixtri - - 3,414 comments

i just hope it will still be compatible with textfameguys OAR uncut maps tho we will have to wait and see when he eventually uploads them to steam workshop

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bobtheengineer314159 - - 7 comments

A while ago, he said he would.

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RyanFoolishGenius - - 130 comments

The "We've Got Hostiles - Vent Mod" is on the Workshop too. :D

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