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Steam Next Fest, Side objectives, a zoo (!?), new events, new enemies, and more!

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Steam Next Fest

Did we mention we're being featured by Steam Next Fest?

Well, we are! Check out the slick updated demo trailer!

Try all these new features below in the free demo/prologue on Steam today!

Developer Stream

We are hosting two developer streams as well:

Witness all you can do from the best, then try out the free demo yourself!

Objectives Update

Thank you everyone for sharing their feedback and letting us watch you stream! This update's additions and improvements were all directly inspired by you!

New Side Objectives

Completing side objectives heals Roger 100 hit points.

  • Storage room: destroy ammunition dump to increase enemy reload time.

  • Offices: destroy intelligence.

  • Command Center: assassinate commander.

  • Mess hall: poison stew slowly damage goblin reinforcements.


  • When goblins invade rooms, the lights will be dramatically shut off. CHUNK CHUNK CHUNK!
  • New room invasion theme: bots.

  • New room invasion theme: suicide bots.

New Rooms

  • Giant zoo, and the remnants of the strange creatures the goblins were studying.

  • Checkpoints! The goblins are none to happy with you attacking their compound!

New Enemies

  • Stun Bot: Suicide bot that zaps and stuns nearby enemies.

  • Bomb Bot: Suicide bot that explodes when close to target.

  • Laser Mini-Tank: A miniature tank that fires at Roger, or beneath Roger, creating an area of denial. Stay airborne to avoid being hit!

New Exits

No longer is a key card required to exit every single floor. There are now three different types of exits.

  • Plain ol' elevator. No prerequisites required!
  • Key card elevator, just like the prior versions of the demo.
  • DNA scan elevator, requiring Roger to grab and scan a live goblin to unlock!

Ability Changes

  • Kick now has a short cooldown.

  • Shoot dodge now has a short cooldown.

  • Shoot dodge can be cancelled by either crouching or jumping.
  • High kick now launches enemies upward like a rocket!

New Meta Progression

There is now the beginnings of meta progression! The goal here is to focus on convenience and aesthetic upgrades permanently. Utilitarian upgrades will remain as they are now, found during each run.

  • First person mode! Complete any run, win or lose, and you can play in first person! Choose first or third person in options once unlocked.

  • Permanent lanyard! Win or lose any run, after attaining the lanyard, and keep it forever! Remember, the lanyard not only frees up a hand, but also automates Roger picking up the key for you.


  • Added visual trail effect when Roger is shoot dodging.

  • Legs and arms now leave behind a residual glow and sparkles when turned on or off.

  • Added instant restart button at the end of each run, skipping the introduction scenes.
  • Roger will no longer pick up the key card after death.
  • Roger should no longer speak after death, besides his quip.
  • Goblin body and limbs should no longer disappeared when sent into a ragdoll state.
  • Goblin reinforcements will no longer appear so close to Roger.
  • Camera will now slide to the left side of Roger is he is only equipping an item in his left hand, to allow the player to easily see what Roger is wielding.
  • Mech is now delayed to the very end of the demo.
  • Tweaked mech's damage output and health.
  • Polished destructibility of many electronic objects, such as laptops and computer screens.
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