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After 3 years of constant development and intermittent releases to the Steam Workshop here now is the latest version of STCR in an installer format for GoG!

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G'day everyone!

It has been a long decade these past two years. Pandemic, lockdowns, general stress and uncertainty have been the rule.

One thing that has been keeping the team behind Continuum sane (more or less) has been tinkering with the mod. We've made a habit in the past of doing what was declared impossible through convoluted but hidden ways and thanks to the heroic efforts of Olmysen, Dark Sentinel, Major Stress and myself we have cooked up an impressive release for you this time!




Pretty much every single script in the mod has been rewritten and optimised, you can now reasonably expect a multiplayer game to work (even with all the new features). There's been so much added to the deathmatch options that I am not even sure what's new anymore! Not to mention the updates to the Invasion game mode originally from Homeworld @ and the Flight Mode technical demonstration, not to forget the ship gallery game mode!

One excellent thing to try is the new debugging tools (if you enable them in the game setup) and camera controls, you enable them with "Y" in game and you can see them on the left hand side of the screen.


You can probably also see from the screenshot of Bajor above that the maps have received an amazing graphical overhaul, here's Alpha Centauri as well to demonstrate the improvement. It's subtle but the galaxy in the background is actually positioned to show as it would in the hypothetical locations of these maps!

Alpha Centauri

We have also taken the ultimate in impossible-to-do-in-homeworld things and made them done. Taking a leaf from the Star Trek: Armada flavour of play here are some screenshots of ships being visibly constructed for your pleasure

Starship construction

Starship construction

We have also redone the ship debris so that they persist for 200 seconds after a ship is destroyed, they "burn" up in an interesting reverse of the build visualisation and then despawn.


The mod more than quadrupled in size in the last three years, so it will be impossible to show everything that has changed here, but I have prepared some... samplers!


ENT era sampler


New ENT era Klingon Bird of Prey

New Klingon Bird of Prey

New ENT era Klingon D5

New Klingon D5

New ENT era Klingon raptor

New Klingon Raptor

New Tellarite Warship

New Tellarite Warship


TOS era sampler


Ares class at Mars

New Ares class replaces the Firestorm class


TMP era sampler


TMP era Klingon scout ship

New Klingon scout ship

New Romulan ships

The Nova Z1 carrier and Whitewing warbirds join the Romulan TMP lineup

TMP era skirmish

Federation and Klingon forces going at it


TNG era sampler


New Romulan ships

The Veles class is replaced by the Heavy Defender and the Nova Z2 joins the Romulan TNG line up

New Romulan ships

The D'deridex gets a new model

New Nova class

The Nova gets a new model

New Vorcha class warship

The Vorcha gets a new model

New Negh'var class battleship

The Negh'var gets a new model


Get the installer now!


What are you waiting for? :D

Download STCR 2021/12 - Mod DB

Guest - - 699,645 comments

Have anyone gotten a error with this mod? I have, and its a System Error. It states the following : The code execution cannot proceed because MSVCP110.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.: Which I have, but still same issue.

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Nathanius Author
Nathanius - - 2,305 comments

You need to do a Google search for MSVCP110.dll (it's a common one, but evidently not common enough), download and register it.

Here's a handy guide:

Here's where you can get the DLL: (I have both the 32 and 64 bit one, I reckon the installer just needs the latest 32 bit one)

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