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Engine progress zombie progress map progress weapon process

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Big Update Is Big!

So where are we?

We are now finishing off the last bits of the nitty gritty planning. Our Alpha level is almost complete and our beta level has already been planned. From here we look into making our levels for the final build with an estimated 10 levels and further plans for more map packs after release. Of course without any enemies a level is kinda boring.


We have planned our main zombie units for the game and will begin developing concept art for them soon, after that they go over to our modellers and texturers (they're the same people btw J ) and finally they enter the level as a ravenous horde. Sound fun, no?

Our zombies are so far separated into 4 classes


These basic zombies construct your horde, here at seventh-wave we believe in diversity and our zombies reflect this.

Walker; these are your standard zombies, they shamble, they moan and they attempt to disembowel you in the most gory of ways.

Sprinter; say hello to the fastest thing on two rotting legs. The sprinters are by far the weakest class but there speed makes them harder to hit.

Brick; the tank class of the zombie horde, slow moving, heavily armoured and a fist you could break bricks on this is one of the strongest base classes you will fight, use speed to get away and blow him down.

Stalker; the stalker class is small and agile. He's fast and with a good attack and has a habit of coming up from behind.

Gutbuster; The gutbuster is perhaps the ugliest of the base classes and it's not hard to wonder why. Mr. Gutbuster is tall and spindly with his gut hanging way down. As the only ranged attacker he shows his displeasure by throwing up all over you. Truly vile.

Sprawler; Multiarmed melee class, very handy in a fight, bonus to armour and can grab on you, time to fight for your life.

Patriarch; Undisputed leader of the base classes and offers a bonus to surrounding zombies; his healing factor and ability to attract a large gathering make him a formidable foe.


Stronger than the horde? Doesn't feel like the end? You got yourself a mini-boss. These offer a range of challenges and a need for different tactics. They appear every four-seven rounds

The Bull; These guys don't mess around, they're big and armoured like a truck and boy are they fast, hit them in the back though and they drop all the way down.

The Brute; Killed a few bricks? They're good practice for the big brother. Despite being similair in appearance the brute is taller, stronger and Faster than the brick, be careful.

Regenatron; the Regenatron is built similar to the bulk with a healing factor; the Regenatron is the only min-boss to spawn with a horde...Wuss.

The Pack; Be very very quiet, we're hunting survivor's nehahaha. The pack are a bunch of feral dogs. When the humans fell on their base instincts they abandoned civil society and fought jealously over prey, the dogs fell back on their ancestry, the wolves. The packs are a large group of feral dogs that increase in the numbers the higher the wave. You'll need to aim low to hit these guys

Map specific zombies

Complex13; scientist, beware he is a biohazard

Final Boss

Sorry guys this was classified by complex 13 on a need to know basis. All we can reveal is that they turn up at the end of each 10 levels and will change your style of play greatly.

Still what good are enemies if you have nothing to kill them with?

I found weapons over here!

These weapons are subject to change without warning - The Management

Melee weapons

Cricket bat


Baseball bat





Rocket launcher








Sniper rifle


Fuel canisters


Improvised traps

Bear traps


Now we wait.

Okay that's what we got, this list will likely change and takes up two pages in word. The engine is coming along, we have a small problem with AI that we are looking into and should be resolved soon. The Alpha map has an expected finish time of Thursday. Things are starting to come together and once we begin modelling we should have an idea of when the alpha can be released.


omg this is fanstatic :DD bear traps, lots of different zombies ahhh cant wait

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Do you know how large the Alpha download will be yet?

Also, Do the weapons have specific fire modes e.g. 3 shot burst, full auto, semi-automatic etc or can some of them change fire modes?

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I'm not entirely sure yet, everything we're using now is uncompressed so its about a gig, but thats including loads of things that will never be used, I'll have more of an idea once we get the Alpha map and put everything into it :)

Probably its gonna just be the weapons specific fire mode, but we can think about this as a feature in later versions :D

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