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Just a quick report to let you know the status of the mod. Stay tuned for more!

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Just a quick report to let you know the status of the mod.

The features I planned for the first beta are almost accomplished. Most of the things GDI and Nod still lack is a tiny bit of polishing and many things have been done to the Scrins as well. I try to finish the Scrin factions as fast as possible and if everything goes as planned you can expect the first beta within the next days!

Soon, I will also post an overview of what I am aiming for each faction and what their theme is. My general goal is not only to offer different upgrades and units but to make them play as different as possible.

I want to stick those themes and I appreciate all suggestions as long as they stick to a faction's theme and are not too difficult to implement (I am still in the process of learning).

The first release will probably suffer from some balance issues here and there but that's what a beta is for after all. Please let me know what your opinion of the state of balance is and remember that everything is subject to change.

If you are uncomfortable or simply dislike some changes, please make a founded post and post exactly why and what you don't like as well as a better way of implementation.

And just so I mention it, I have no intention of letting this mod die and I am very committed to release the first beta of One Vision within the next days ^^

jfpoliveira12 - - 3,725 comments

In my opinion, you should stick with your vision of how the mod should be played. That being said, listening to comments, critics ans suggestions is good and allows you to learn more about where your mod is headed. Just dont let them boss you around, if it was up to me, I would keep it simple and fun, wich is how I think you are making One Vision, therefore my appreciation for your work. :)

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Zocker4ever Author
Zocker4ever - - 720 comments

Thanks :)
Yeah, I have a theme and certain guidelines for evey faction but since I'm only one person I'm rather limited anyway.
I will probably attach those faction themes with the first beta release.
It started as an simple improvement mod and I guess we will see how things will turn out.
Oh and don't worry about critique, I'm a bit of a stubborn :P

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pawelpm7 - - 258 comments

Add from zero hour things
Toxins Nukes and weapons or ideas
there are a lot of cool stuff inzero hour and zero hour mods
for so many years, you do the first good mod for kane wrath

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