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Get your minds ready to be screwed up (or to be healed, if you prefer); because White Night is getting closer to be finished. Our sessions will start in a few weeks.

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Hi all;
It's been one month since last update and I'd like to keep you all updated with the mod's current state.

Release Date?

I think most of you want to hear a solid release date, which I cannot give at the moment. To be honest, I was planning to finish and release White Night at the end of September, but as you see, that didn't happen. In fact, that will not happen in near future too. So what's the current state then?

- Level building for all levels, except one, is completely finished. They just need a little scripting addition to their current state.
- I still haven't finished all of the voice acting scripts, and not all of the voice actings that already scripted handed to me. So, that will take time.
- That last level I haven't finished yet, is huge, much will happen, and I don't want to rush things. I'm out of ideas at the moment, so inspiration might take time.
- Polishing, optimizing, bug fixing will take time.

Another good news is that, my roommate made a speed run for this unfinished version of the game, and he did know every puzzle, where to go, what to do, etc. Guess what, it took more than 40 minutes to complete the speed run. With all voice actings, notes, puzzles and levels finished; I don't know how long your first play will take :)

Other than that, I can tell you that you may except a release at the end of October!

On a side note, I started to work on White Night at the end of December '10, so it is literally 10 months of development for my first product. Get your minds to be healed!

Do you have any memories you don't want to forget?

Mkilbride - - 2,784 comments

I need to get a professional Mic so I can do Voice Acting. My VA is one of the few things I have a bit of confidence in.

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Tanshaydar Author
Tanshaydar - - 489 comments

I'd like to hear your tone. For White Night I'm pretty much satisfied with the current state of things in terms of voice acting, but I'm not quitting after White Night, you know :)

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C-zom - - 599 comments

If you need absolutely any help, let me know. I understand just how much work is left for you to do (HPL2 is a mountain to climb if I've ever seen one. UGH.) and I have enough interest in this project to be able to willingly help with as little or much as I can no questions asked.

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Tanshaydar Author
Tanshaydar - - 489 comments

Well, you can prepare yourself mentally for a review copy before public release.

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0rpheus - - 433 comments

Oh boy, can't wait!

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Koen_roeje - - 450 comments

wow.. i've been here since the begining, seeing this getting closer and closer to the release.. it's just awesome.. can't wait

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Tanshaydar Author
Tanshaydar - - 489 comments

Haha, yeah, you are one of the few people who knows how awful this was :D

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