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The project will go on! For sure we will have some breaks between the development but we will go on.

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Hey dudes,

Good news first we recently found a Texture - Artist! And we are still working on Models.
Bad news, the work on the hierarchy of our Mod and scripting stopped.
Actually we are waiting for a newer Spring 1944 release which will give us a more stable base for our mod.
However It might be possible that the Asian part of the game see a country/member change

So that means in general that we can't afford a release of a first playable package in summer.
Please mind that this is a hobby - project. We expect a really first official release in the end of the year.
featuring 2 Playable sides with a few units.

In general we are a bit stuck because of security, and HDD problems.
We actually do have enough models for a first release but no textures for all. Our Texture - artist is working on them and we will see first screens of fresh textured objects soon. He's doing the Logos as well.

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