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Discussing certain aspects of the custom story and a future "remaster" of sorts.

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Now that i have at last been unbanned, and my mods being back on this site, I felt i should discuss about my upcoming projects, the cellar more specifically on this one.

The Cellar is quite an old custom story which many of you probably wouldn't have fully realized, work initially began in autumn 2013, and this was effectively finished in early 2014. I did gradually improve the cellar in terms of level design and all that stuff a bit through the years until finally deciding to publicly release it in 2019, followed by Nights of Anorland.

Anyway, being such an old custom story as it is, and despite my improvements to it, there are elements which have remained unchanged for the most part, one of these is the story that is told throughout the notes in The Cellar and other sources, some lore details are kind of obsolete and a bit inconsistent with how the Anorland Lore is by the time Act 3 was released.

Ultimately this brings me to make a remastered version of The Cellar, though its not going to be an entirely revamped thing like NoA - Last Legacy will be, I will mainly improve the quality of some levels, new areas could be added though, some puzzles are gonna be redone or improved, and a lot of the notes are going to be mostly rewritten.

The name of The Cellar may also be changed a bit to include an Anorland prefix or something to make it feel fully included in the "Anorland Club", since at the moment i feel its a bit sidelined from the main Anorland series despite being essentially a prequel/introduction to it, though the main character is different. Edward Ross in The Cellar, and Mylo Henderson in Nights of Anorland.

Also, since I have an old version of The Cellar that is from 2014, I will upload that to this mod page as well if you feel like seeing what this cs looked like when it was initially completed.

Anyway I will share a few images of how The Cellar looked in 2014.

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Anyway if there are any new people wishing to play The Cellar, don't download the 2014 version thinking that is the definitive cellar edition, its main purpose is to kinda show what the entire thing was like all those years ago, any review of the cellar should be of the up-to-date 2022 version.

Yanka - - 256 comments

Welcome back!
It's nice to have the "classic" release available to play. I played it long, long ago if I remember well. Trying the new version could be fun as well.
How long is it approximatively?

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Lester79 Author
Lester79 - - 207 comments

if youre talking about the 2014 version, it would more or less be about the same length as the main version, im not good with estimating how many hours or so it would take to finish, but it includes a dungeon map that is currently cut from the revision versions, though it doesnt have the jail map near the end of the mod.

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Yanka - - 256 comments

Ok for the length, also thanks for the informations about the map changes!

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