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An importnant statement about authorship of Movie Duels.

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We’re releasing this statement, in order to prevent any further negative responses about the authorship of this modification. In recent days, we’ve come across a critical opinion that we’re usurping the work of Wector, to build-up our own fame and prestige in the JK community. We’d like to publicly distance ourselves from this adultery and explain the recent changes in the name of the modification, itself.

Firstly, we’d like to inform everyone that we’re not doing this project for our own fame, money or anything else.. But for you - the Community and the STAR WARS fans. This mod is a continuation of Wector's work and we do not take credit for what he’s done.

Secondly, it is a tribute. The tribute to a great and hard-working guy, who has put this together, alone. Unfortunately, Wector is no longer active in this community. If he was still around, we’re sure he would’ve no doubt updated or continued his work, just like we are doing now.

Thirdly, we have decided to rename the mod to just simply “STAR WARS: Movie Duels”. We know how much a few of you have stressed to see the name changed. We first removed the number "2", because there wasn't any official MD1. It was something like a Beta version and not a complete conversion, like this. So, previously, we were known as just “STAR WARS: Movie Duels (Remastered)”. But now it’s even time to delete the “Remastered" affix, because we are entering to another phase of development. The MD Beta has showed you that the Prequel part is almost completed and we’ve now, slowly started another one - our own new missions. So, another change in the name was inevitable because this won't just be a “Remaster", anymore. We’ve decided to make it sooner, rather than later and inform you about it.

To demonstrate that we are not usurping the authorship for Wector's part, we’ve put both Wector and our MD development team credits in the Welcome! screen of our mod. So, the proof is there!


In the end, we’d like to thank you for your support, positive reviews and the fact that this game still has such a large fanbase, like it does.

Movie Duels Dev. Team

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