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Homeworld:@ is coming to remastered! Progress report and a bunch of screenshots.

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The port to remastered is well underway, and it's past time we had somewhere to show off screenshots taken along the way. A new page means revisiting the basics, and it is my hope that the mod summary above this article will cover the basics that any newcomers need to know. If it leaves you with any unanswered questions, please ask them so we can improve.

Back on the subject of the port, the mod is playable with the current version but still has a few issues to resolve. Not all our animations, textures, or ship dock paths came through intact, and repairing them is an ongoing effort. Along the way there may be some opportunities for us to improve existing assets that we need to keep an eye out for. I can't promise a timetable for the eventual release, we want our RM release to be at least as polished as the last HW2C release, and that takes time. But I will be dropping the stand-out screenshots along the way into this page.

Something we're trying out for the RM release is new backgrounds, generated by a program called Space Engine. If you see anything you particularly like or don't like in the backgrounds of the new screenshots, please speak up! It could help us improve the quality of the eventual release.

Port progress teasesPort progress teasesPort progress teasesPort progress teases

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