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The first part of the 0.2 update has come out on Steam workshop and will be uploaded soon on moddb! Here are the patchnotes for what this part of the update will contain!

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Hello there! As mentioned in previous articles due to the scope of what I want the alpha 0.2 update to accomplished, the update will be divided in multiple parts. The first part of the update, 0.2 part 1, has been released and is available on Steam Workshop, with the Steam workshop version recommended for Steam EAW players. Just some finishing touches are being done to finalize the first part of the 0.2 update.
This update took a bit longer to release than expected due to various unforeseen factors such as health and other problems.
Anyways part 1 of the 0.2 update will focus on adding more ground units, updating models on existing ground units, adding more heros for more variety, adding a few new maps, and doing some balance and quality changes. The second and third part of the 0.2 update will add more maps, space unit re balancing overhaul, and other goodies. Anyways here are the patchnotes for the 0.2 part 1 update! Note there is quite a lot of stuff and there might be some stuff not listed.

Ground Unit Changes:

Rebel/New Republic:

- Rebel Juggernuat added (replaces the rebel HTT from vanilla)
- Rebel Shock Troopers added. 2 squads of 9
- Rebel Minigunner added. 4 per deployment
- Rebel Jetpack Trooper added. 2 per deployment, armed with grenade launcher and flamethrower.
- Rebel Infiltrator has new model
- B2 Battledroids added and buildable on Geonosis, Hypori, Fondor, and Jabiim
- B1 Battledroids get new model plus planet based Textures
- Rebel Pilot spawns when certain tanks get destroyed
- Rebel Field Commander has new model
- Rebel Medic has new model
- Fixed T5b turret rotation
- Fixed animation/rig for certain rebel troops/plex troops.
- Rebel Snowspeeder has new model
- Ywing buildable for ground skirmish


- Imperial Spaarti Clone Commando added.
- Imperial Jet Trooper added. (skirmish only)
- Imperial Camo Trooper has new model
- Sandtrooper varient of stromtrooper added.
- Speeder Bikes have new model
- Saber Tanks have new model with gunner
- Imperial Pilots spawn when certain tanks are destroyed

Hero Unit Changes:

Rebel/New Republic:

- Ahsoka Tano added.
- Captain Rex added (Skirmish only).
- Kurumi Tokisaki added
- Crix Madine added (both ground and space)
- Juno Eclipse added
- Anonydeath added.
- Chewbacca has new model
- Ludow uses new custom tank model


- Mobile Infantry Commander Rico mech added (ground and space)
- Dark Empire Style Palpatine added (skirmish only).
- Anakin Skywalker added (skirmish only)
- Master Sergeant Origiami added
- Reaper added (masked and maskless varient depends on planet)
- Clone wars style Noire varient added.
- Iffy has red jacket varient added.
- Tohka Yatogami added (skirmish only)
- Commander Fox added (skirmish only)
- Admiral Gaen Drommel added (ground and space)
- General Radi Jaeger added, replaces General Veers and Harland Sandurz

Empire and Rebel Space Unit Changes:

- Home One has new model
- ISD 1 model edited to have new Bridge type
- ISD 2 New model
- Xwing/Ywing/Bwing gets new model
- some firepower adjustments and changes to fighter hitboxes
- Providence Carrier model edited to have command bridge and fins.

Other changes:
Pirate Faction changes:

- Darth Maul added.
- Rei Ryghts added.
- Canderous Class Assualt now use lasers instead of
- B1 droids buildable
- Corruption mechanic reworked so that Defilers no longer corrupt. Instead hero units like Tyber Zann, Urai Fenn, and Darth Maul are able to spread corruption.
- Zann Consortium is Skirmish only for now

Planet changes and new maps:

- Lastation ground
- Lowee ground
- Rz7 ground
- Yaga Minor ground
- Yaga Minor space
- Bespin space edited to take place in atmosphere of planet
- lots of new props for ground and space maps

Some of the new heros and models (only some of the stuff from the update is shown here):

new infantry 2
new infantry 1
yaga minor

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