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I apologize for not writing a news article earlier, I have been silent for a while about some changes I've made to the mod, and my current plans for it. I've been meaning to write a news article for some time now, because I am working on a proper patch, with the focus on making 1.07 more stable than it currently is.

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Thanks in little part to me, and a much bigger part to this mod's community, some fixes have been made to the current mess that was 1.07's release stability. This is of course not the first time something like this has happened. 1.05 was also somewhat broken on release, and later fixed up with patches, and 1.04 was never even officially released until it had patches added to it. So 1.07 is following in the wake of the same trend.

The actual purpose of this article is to clean things up here a little bit. Moddb won't exactly allow me to write something as simple as "here's the link," so writing a short update on the mod's current development, it's direction, and providing links to the new version (fix#3 is outdated and will be removed soon) will help alleviate some confusion.

First off, the mod is still in development, I have not halted work on it. A new patch is in the works. 1.07.1, which is mostly focused on bug fixes, updated trader files, updated stash system, fixed descriptions and prices, etc. but it will also include many new NPC models with most of the factions re-done, it is also possible that 1 or 2 new weapons will be added when it is completed.

Second, 1.07.1 itself is in a continuous state of development and release. i.e. it is still in alpha, but it is being released sequentially whenever a new version is made, because of this, the new patch is still technically in the testing phase. It is technically more stable than the current "fix #3" and its attachments to be used with it, at least it is from my perspective, and for those of you that know, that's never a guarantee of anything.

So I guess the paragraph above is a more verbose way of saying. "I don't know if this new patch works, so I'm not including it in the downloads section... yet." Or who knows, I might add it even though the new patch isn't finished yet.

ZOA 1.07.1 v4a (alpha version of 1.07.1, will be updated in the future) (This is cumulative)
ZOA 1.07.1 (alpha) version #5
-UPDATED TO V5a, July, 27th, 2013, please replace previous downloads with this version.
-*fixes a missing mesh and suit

ZOA 1.07.1 (alpha) version 7, (build no. 2485).

ZOA 1.07.1 (alpha) version 8, (build no.2402)
*Yes, build number was rolled back since this was based on v6 changes. It is still compatible with v7.

Arms textures v4 for ZOA (addon for ZOA)

Resev - - 202 comments

Thanks mate.

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Piznut - - 31 comments

Time will tell, as always.

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Lacedaemonius - - 510 comments

but when will we be able to reload a partially filled magazine without unloading the weapon in the inventory screen first?

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FatalFunnel Author
FatalFunnel - - 709 comments

I think this may already be the case, I had someone tell this to me, I tested it, and confirmed it.

Just for testing purposes, attach a partially-filled magazine to your belt, and make sure you have loose ammo, I remember someone saying that this did work.

It has to be loose ammo, don't complain about not being able to do it with boxed ammo, because boxed ammo will be changed in the future to function much differently. (it will spawn loose ammo instead of being loadable.)

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FatalFunnel Author
FatalFunnel - - 709 comments

The patch development is up to v5 now, I deleted the fix #3 entry and added it to the downloads section.

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