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started working on this mod again

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Got my new computer built and have started work on this again, will fix some of the scenes, a couple pieces of dialog, remove slaves, and put the cheat menus back in for the next release, might put some ambient sound tracks in

hairboy - - 940 comments

That is so awesome, thank you.

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DazBayne - - 15 comments

Yes please! and thanks for all your hard work!
Side note, your taste in music is too excellent. My party was once mobbed and devoured by a supercluster of zombies because I was jamming out too hard on a supply run and didn't see them come out of the woods lol.

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hairboy - - 940 comments

That nearly happened to me but Lucille was thirsty and I bashed a lot of skulls in while yelling “NO EXCEPTIONS!”

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Guest - - 695,086 comments

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arayofsun - - 21 comments

waiting for your new things
good mod.

map texture maybe too dark ...this texture makes a lot of pause when player troop is moving on the map. Half of this texture is allright.

The village elder looks strange surround by zombies. maybe can be exchanged to robot?

When you get close to a zombie from its back in the village, you can talk with these zombie....
These zombies use villager' dialog.
Well, seems you need to make another zombie without dialog script or work...this is acceptable,just tell you about this thing.

I suggest to change the option'location of recruit tank from town. Because it is easily to make a mistake with [leave] button.Put it on the rest button is good.
very easy and very convenient.

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hairboy - - 940 comments

Maybe you could change the slaves gear to be a new sort of troop rather than take that out. I thought they were a really cool idea. Have them be like the Unsullied in Game Of Thrones. Elite and dangerous but costly. Or just another cool unit reflective of the depraved society. Having groups of slaves rushing forward fearlessly sounds pretty awesome.

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Guest - - 695,086 comments

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villajc - - 1 comments

I appreciate your work and efforts in this! Here's my thoughts:

- Since this is supposed to be modern era, I believe radios should be in play. Meaning that you don't have to meet people in person or send emissaries unless important deals are going to be brokered between groups or nations.
- Due to the large mortality rate of the virus, people are a large commodity. Economy for city/castle/town should be based on population, loyalty, and industries in that specific area. I think Sword of Damocles was a mod that based their economy on population.
- More town/castle/city customization. I think that cities shouldn't have bars, stores, etc. unless you build them.
- Resources: Nova Aetas added woods to cut wood and mines to get metals. That could be good resources to own to increase your wealth.
- I believe fog of war should always be on. Your perception of the other lands should be based upon the areas you have visited or scouts you send to conduct reconnaissance. Information on lands like number of soldiers, lords within and other information should not be displayed unless you send scouts to provide information.
- I would love to see options to sabotage realms before attacking them. Be able to steal food so that you can besiege the lands.

I have more suggestions but I know how complicated it must be to create all these changes.

Again, thank you for all your work!

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djogloc - - 392 comments


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mariuscojocaru - - 36 comments

is this mod still alive ? it's awesome and i really hope that the creators can pull this through :D

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A.765.H - - 22 comments

Looking forward to it.

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skyrimlord4 - - 42 comments

I hope your still working love this mod it's got lot of potential and playing it shaping into something great getting there and hope still working on it.

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