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Some news about Stargate No Limits !!

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Hi lads, i present myself, im'in charge of Public relations between Stargate No Limits and the future players. here are some news for you all, to let you know the huge progress that have been done lately.

The SNL Team is actually doing good job, advancing maps (SGC, Hatack, Abydoss, Dakara, Tower, Aztec, Continum, Submarine, Chulak, Midway Station, Replicator Homeworld), characters, ships (Deathglider, hatack, prometheus, alkesh, repiclator hive, teltak) weapons… check out the Galleries on the main site ( )

Replicator Fly jaffa guard finish

The TPS view has been created and is now functional.

The SNL Team has now different servers to be able to test the game the best possible to make sure we’ll have a release soon, so cheers up lads, it’s coming !

The Team also found a new way to make some really good and realistic character’s animations using the Kinect, you’ll all love it lads, it’s pretty nice and it’s a really huge progress for the development of the game !

atar blade

As you maybe know, Stargate No Limits's team has now expanded and many people are helping and trying to make that game arrives as soon as possible. We’ll also need soon to have some QA members to help testing the game so, join the main site ( ), register and create your account, and show your motivation ! 15 to 20 persons will be needed, it's now almost time to travel the gate mates !

AT4 wip WIP Progress WIP Progress

If you feel the want to help the team and if you have the specific skills SNL is looking for, join Darknightmare here, and he will answer as soon as possible. The team is actually still looking for :

- 2 UDK animators
- 2 texturers (URGENT)
- 2 Player Modelers (URGENT)
- 2 Props modeler
- 1 vehicles modeler
- 1 flasher

Feel free to contact the team, or me as well, and i'll transfer the infos !

the following are the Key dates the SNL team has now programmed :

2 april : dev testers session
10 april : QA testers session
17 april : Beta-testers session
24 april : estimated public alpha release

Be patient lads, soon, we'll be all able to travel the gate, fell the call of duty, and to meet and fight brothers in arms...or not...

WIP-Continum SGC wip


''Be patient lads, soon, we'll be all able to travel the gate, fell the call of duty, and to meet and fight brothers in arms...or not..''

:D right....

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I can't wait for this game :O

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I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!! Better not let me (or the other sarcastic people) down. I (we) are counting on you!

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sweet so this will be third person view? if so THANK YOU!

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It looks great. Excellent work.

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Everything really is looking impressive. I'm really looking forward to seeing these models in action in the future.

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Is it only a multiplayer mod?

A single-player story should be fantastic!

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roulious Author

Thx you all lads for these nice and encouraging comment, it's really nice and important for us to see we're followed by the players ! so, for the ones who can't wait, as you saw, we'll need some QA members soon so....if you feel the desire to help...don't hesitate to join the community on the main site : and to apply there, we'll choose the lucky winners soon and explain them what we'll need from them :)

Don't worry also, we're close to the launch, so, we'll definitely NOT letting you down mates ! we're working hard to make that game a really nice one, we should record a new video pretty soon to let you see some nice improvment in the game, this way you'll see by yourself better than pics only .

We've also recruited a bunch of new people to work on design, maps, weapons and characters so it's getting better and better even if we're a bit delayed' caus some were really busy lately, but there are always people working on SNL and adding news stuffs and new contents anyway :)we've got lotta good and cools ideas to make that game really fun and enjoyable.

Concerning the view, it's a FPS, and we've also created a TPS view lately so you'll be able to switch between these anytime you want.

And concerning the gameplay, it will be mainly axed on multiplayer actions, but we're also planning to make a single player part, but that will obviously take more time before we can do it, have to create scenarios, maps and many other stuffs for it, but it's planned :) on term :)

Don't hesitate to visit the gallerie on our main site also, caus i've personally put lotta pics of our models and nice screenshots of several maps we're working on also :)

Don't hesitate if you have any questions, i'm here to assume the connection between you all, and the Devs !

Roulious, Responsible of the public relations, Props modeler, and Mapper.

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