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Stargate Invasion for SoaSE: Diplomacy has been released! This release includes new textures, ships, gameplay improvements and more.

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Hi everyone! Even though we had an issue that made releasing it this Tuesday impossible, we're all still very proud to bring you the latest release of Stargate Invasion for Sins of a Solar Empire: Diplomacy 1.2.

FIRST VERY IMPORTANT BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE, WHEN YOU PLAY THIS VERSION MAKE SURE YOU PLAY WITH PIRATES INACTIVE OR THE GAME WILL FREEZE! We'll address this issue in the days to come, but as long as you play without pirates everything works great.

This release includes new textures, ships, gameplay improvements, diplomacy trees, planetary bodies, and of course, races. It's been a while since our last release and despite real life obligations that have crept up for some team members, this is still the most complete mod release yet. That being said, it is still most certainly incomplete and still a work in progress.

The Goauld and Asgard have been enabled, but please don't expect much out of them. This is more a demonstration of their ships so far than real playable races as they aren't labeled correctly nor have they had proper ship or research stats imported yet. We're still mainly working on the Pegasus side, so see this as a teaser since we initially planned not to release anything from the Milky Way side until everything else was finished.

You'll need the program '7zip' to extract the files. Reading the readme file is recommended.


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