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It's time for our weekly work-in-progress article featuring a couple of great things which will soon appear in the game!

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As the New Frontiers Open test has already finished, all feedbacks and reports collected, we continue developing and improving Starfall Tactics. And that's time for our weekly work-in-progress (yep, that's what WIP means) article featuring a couple of great things which will soon appear in the game:

Plasma Arc Module

Along with all the great improvements and content we will tell you about in the next articles, we've decided to create just a couple of modules to help you destroy ship swarms you are likely to meet when engaging certain pirate fleets:

WIP effect. Can be changed.

Plasma Arc Module is an activatable special module. By activating it, you can choose a target within a certain radius which will immediately get plasma damage. After hitting the first target, Plasma Arc module automatically chooses the next target which must be close enough and deals damage to it, then gets to the next one. It can't hit the same ship twice and deactivates when there are no eligible ships in range.

B.H.S. Launcher

The second module is a close friend of the Plasma Arc as it also jumps from one ship to another - however, there are several important differences:

WIP effect. Can be changed.

B.H.S. Launcher creates a projectile on activation, which immediately goes to the target ship and deals damage to it. After that, it chooses the next enemy ship within range, gets to it and also deals damage. This effect stops if there are no ships in range or if it reaches the maximum number of "jumps". Unlike Plasma Arc, it can hit the same ship twice, so it can be effective against smaller swarms.

Binary Stars

If you start exploring the real Universe, you will be surprised how many interesting things and unsolved mysteries there are in the world. For example, while we usually think of a star system as of a single star with some planets around it, in fact, there can be more than one star in the system. Did you know, that about half of the stars visible in the night sky are binary stars? Yes, that's true and we decided to pay respect to this fact and add some binary stars to the Starfall Tactics galaxy:

X-ray binary star as it looks like in Starfall Tactics (WIP)

We believe that there are a lot of interesting things in our Universe. Have some great things in mind which are not in Starfall Tactics yet? Share it with us in commentaries or on Discord channel!

P.S. We also have two videos with a full stream of Starfall Tactics Tournament for you to watch:

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